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Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by AboveTheChaos, Jul 11, 2008.

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    ....pretty, but useless :D

    Sorry, just a little humor (very little) in the face of all this frustration. I haven't been able to get MM to work correctly all day. I've managed to get everything but the push email to work now. I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll get it working. But, I'm really wondering if I'll depend on this email as my primary email as it just doesn't seem reliable enough. I know it probably because they weren't prepared for the onslaught of traffic (although you could argue that they announced everything a month ago so should have had time). I'm hoping it'll get straightened out soon.
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    I thought you were going to say:

    "Always Going Down"
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    LOL That one works too!
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    Alternative, you could relax a little and stop trying to fix things that YOU CAN'T FIX! They're not working properly because MobileMe is not fully up yet! If you just give it time, it will all probably start working on its own. For now, you're not going to be able to fix anything, no matter how hard you try, and you'll likely just screw things up for when they are working. You're judging an e-mail services reliability based on their 2-day performance after a massive transition, upgrade, and influx of new customers?

    Some people really make me wonder....
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    Wow, how about wondering why a paying product doesn't work as advertised? I think you're the one who needs to chill. I was making a joke to lighten up a lot of the anger on these forums. You can play apologist in other threads if you'd like. :rolleyes:
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    Why should he relax? He, like a lot of other people, is paying good money for a product that clearly wasn't ready to be released. Where does he say he is trying to fix anything? And how exactly is he screwing things up for them? I'm sure they'll eventually get the kinks worked out, but for those us paying good money to use the service that all the of the Apple honchos were crowing about, it is very irritating to deal with this. If this was Microsoft instead of Apple, I shudder to think of the howling that would be going on here.
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    I agree!! Steve's fanboys are out in force. If you dare attack Apple you attack their reason to feel special, because you know, they're aligned with Apple so they must be better than everyone else. :D

    But seriously, they announce this a month ago and they made everyone wait so it's not like they didn't know it was coming. Geez! If this were Microsoft, the fanboys would be going crazy. Wouldn't it be funny if Microsoft did a whole campaign around this weekend and how it "all just works" :D

    PS...before you pop a blood vessel in your forehead, I'm playing here so relax fanboys!
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    Ha! You beat me to it. Well said.
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    Do you all really expect this thing to be like a critical business service? I have business services that have way more issues than this. I guess you could ask for like $ 1.64 as a credit for the downtime ;)but beyond that give it a few days.

    I imagine that they anticipated the traffic just fine, but something unexpected broke. The email which people depend on the most has been up the most during the transition so I think they had their priorities right. I have not been able to update my iWeb page today. Oh well... all 26 people that follow my blog and cast will live I am sure.:D
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    I'm not sure what a critical business service has to do with anything, but this thing that I just paid a hundred bucks for DOESN'T WORK. I cannot sync a single calendar or contact. My PC thinks it synced. My Mac thinks it synced. Too bad not a single thing shows up. I removed, re-registered, downloaded version 1.1, rebooted, re-registered again and it doesn't work. Not a peep from Apple, no instructions, no timeframe for when they might actually get something fixed. Nothing. So again, I don't know what being like a critical service means, but if that means it works, than yes.
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    If you depend on something and it fails you have a reason to be frustrated. My only point is no tech service I have ever experienced has 100% up time. Blackberry, Google, yahoo mail, Amazon you name it they all go down or experienced reduced function times. Obviously something broke. For most of us it is largely back, I think otherwise you would see even more posts at this hour . If it goes past weekend, then I'd say they have more serious issues.

    For whatever reason, other than the fact that I am a bit odd, I was kind of fond of watching the service status messages on .mac in the past and it seemed like they frequently had 1-5% of the user base experiencing some issue or another.
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    Let's review:

    1. Email never stopped working. Just Web access was down/problematic.
    2. Calendars never stopped working. Just Web access was down/problematic.
    3. Contacts never stopped working. Just Web access as down/problematic.

    You get the idea. Apple never cut you off from your information or email. Just the web component of those services was unavailable for a couple of days. You never paid $100 for 2 days of service, you paid $0.50 for those two days.

    I agree that communication from Apple was lacking, but they probably had extra work to do to deal with the high traffic as a result of thousands of people trying to check out the new service *while* they were trying to get it online.

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