MobileMe not syncing some of my contact pictures [Images]

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by hellomoto4, Sep 19, 2010.

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    Hey guys, as the title suggests, MobileMe doesn't seem to want to sync some of my contacts' pictures to my iPhone... Check it out:

    Address Book App:
    (Contact image is there)

    MobileMe Web App:
    (Contact image is there)

    iPhone 4, iOS 4.0.1
    (No contact image)

    Anyone else experiencing this or know how to fix it ?
    It it only occurring with some contacts, others work fine ...

    Thanks !
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    I had the same problem...

    I am using outlook 2007 and Windows mobile me sync version 1.6.1...

    One day it just sorted itself out...

    Not quite sure why but I just assumed it took a while to do a first full sync (as I only joined mobileme 3 weeks ago)...

    I'd be interested to hear other users experiences of this too...

    I find the syncing can sometimes be instant and sometimes take a few hours... Especially when using Outlook (not sure if this is because it's not an apple product!)
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    Hey, awesome to hear that (in a way)!
    Are you using iOS 4.0.x or 4.1+?
    Thanks :)
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    4.1... although I think I was on 4.0 (latest) when I joined mobileme
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    I had that happen a few times but if i force a MobileMe Sync (via 'Sync Now') all is fine again. It's only happened maybe 4 times, so it is definitely a fluke.
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    Hmm, alright. Well maybe it's to do with being on iOS 4.0.1 (which I'm on and don't want to upgrade until a jailbreak is out). Did it seem to improve when you updated to 4.1?

    Tried a forced sync but to no avail. Even tried disabling contact sync, syncing, reenabling contact sync and then syncing but also didn't work. Thanks for the idea though. Quick question as well, which iOS version are you on?
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    The reason that I'm asking about iOS Versions is because I just came across this:

    Source: Apple MobileMe News
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    To fix, I asked an Apple Expert through the Express Lane Support (it's really good support actually, first time used!)

    - Settings > General > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > MobileMe > Turn OFF Contacts syncing
    - Click 'delete from iPhone'
    - Turn back ON
    - Let it sync
    - Fixed :) !
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    Works even with iOs 5 on iCloud, thanks for the tip. :)

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