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MobileMe now at 1.1

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Devil's Refugee, Jul 11, 2008.

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    Update via Software Update now available.
    Not sure what's been updated but I can now access MobileMe iDisk files etc.
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    I still havent had the first one yet. :confused: What a freakin mess!!!
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    I think you have to go to .mac in network for the update to show, it wont update if you have not touched it
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    That's what it did for my Mac Pro yesterday...had to go to System Prefs.....but I think they pulled the original for now because I can't get my MacBook to get the first one yet.

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    still not showing up in my software update
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    Cool it's updating now.
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    I just got it now as well. About an hour ago I downloaded the file that turns everything to MoMe. Oh well.
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    Where are you guy's from that are getting the update?
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    Hit the apple in the left side of the menu bar, then software update.
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    Lol sorry misunderstanding there i should have worded my sentence alot better.

    I know where to get the software updates from.

    I meant to ask where do you live? maybe they are doing it regions at a time? Anyone from the UK got the update yet?
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    Sorry. :D

    I'm on the East Coast USA.
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    I got the update and am d/l now, I'm in Florida..
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    For anyone who has received the MobileMe software update(s), make sure you reboot so you can see this <sarcasm>wonderful icon</sarcasm> for your iDisk :eek:


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    Ahhh looks like America is getting it first then?
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    Still nothing here in the midwest.
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    UK here and nothing as well…
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    ohh hurry up apple
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    Nothing in the US Mid Atlantic regeon. I have yet to get any app for the mobileme. Can someone please post the direct link to the location where it is hosted? This may be an akadns location.
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    Installing here - did a Software Update scan and it detected it.
    Thanks! Let's see if this fixes anything.
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    Not showing up on my Software Updates yet. I'm sure it will be there soon though...I'm in no hurry. :)
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    Gee I am in NZ

    you know the first country in the world to get the iPhone 3G. (and yes I got one in my hot little hands.):cool:
    I freaken want this update.. :mad:
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    No update for me - the people who are getting the MobileMe 1.1 update, did you download the original update from the XML file?
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    No Update - still everything saying .Mac for me - UK here.
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    Weird I have the update on one Macbook and not on the other......When Mac downloads the update via Software Update where does it put the package file!
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    I'm in the UK and downloading it from Software Update now... (and I actually quite like the iDisk icon, no sarcasm required :D)
    EDIT - at least I would if it showed up for me. I've relaunched the finder but still have the lame .Mac iDisk icon (weird looking blue globe on top of a hard drive, that is not to scale with the other drive icons on the desktop. Yuk. Going to reboot now for some purple MobileMe iDisk goodness)

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