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MobileMe Support Chat messing me about

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Sirolway, Dec 10, 2010.

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    My iPhone doesn't seem to be syncing Contacts & Calendars from MobileMe - again. This service is sooo flakey. But that's not the point...

    I've gone onto mobileme support to char with a live support advisor. The first advisor told me to reset iSync history on my MacBook (even though the MacBook has nothing to do with this problem) and restart the laptop (thereby breaking the chat session & letting him off the hook - thanks Oleksandr).

    The second support advisor had me restart the phone (ok, at least we're actually working with the correct device here) and shuffle the sync sliders in Settings > mobileme. When that didn't work, my chat session mysteriously ended "due to a temporary system issue." Hm

    Now I'm on with a 3rd advisor - any bets as to how this will end?
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    Ugh. After 4+ hours on chat with mobile me support, 3 abandoned chats & no closer to a solution, I booked an iPhone Genius Bar appointment in central London & sent in there.

    2 hours later and my problem still isn't sorted. They don't know what the problem is, don't really have a concrete course of action, but think it *might* be my mm account. Although they have had a fair few people reporting mm sync problems recently.

    In other words, who knows.

    The Apple Store people were good, as ever. Did what they could & spent as long as they needed to. At one point we even thought we had it figured (deep firmware problem). But no.

    So now back home & restoring my data back onto the iPhone.

    Blech. Any ideas, anyone?

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