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Mobileme Update

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by chameleon81, Jul 11, 2008.

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    I was able to download an update today... check your system update
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    The epic fail called mobileme has arrived.


    Yet it still won't update anything.

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    Nothing for me either...I don't understand it at all. Why is it available for some and not others?:mad:
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    Add me to the list of people with no MobileMe lovin'. I'm still .mac all the way. Dunno why my Software Update won't let me play.
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    still some footprints of .mac left

    Even if you update to 1.1 you can still see traces of .mac service.

    I never had mac email address or what so ever. check my email address on the first picture. On the second picture if you keep your mouse cursor on apple logo you still get "learn about .mac ( not "me" )" message.

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    Still no update for me....?:confused:
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    Man chameleon81, do you have enough toolbars in Firefox lol
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    STILL nothing, I just dont understand how some are receiving the update (and another one on top of that - 1.1) and others are getting nothing.
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    Why don't people ever look to see if the same subject has been posted already before they make their own post? :rolleyes:
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    where is the other post?
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    I think post #2 has that covered. :D


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