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Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by DougY, Nov 28, 2010.

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    I just signed up for the free trial of MobileMe. Its got some nice features, and I def like the "Find My iPhone" app to locate my iPhone or iPad if theyre lost or stolen. So whats the general concensus out there? For those of you who have had MobileMe for awhile, do you think its worth the cost? :rolleyes:
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    Find my iPhone is free on 4.2. No need to purchase MobileMe if that is the only feature you want.
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    It's not too bad, but you can do most of that stuff for free with other applications. I've actually been thinking about dropping it now that find my iPhone is free, but there are some things lime the MobileMe gallery that I just can't find a good free version. I'll make a little list of things that I would use to replace MobileMe.

    E-Mail - Gmail
    Contacts Sync - Google Contacts
    Calendar Sync - Google Calendar
    MobileMe Gallery - Picasa or Flicker (Not as much storage)
    iDisk/other syncs - Dropbox (Not nearly as much storage)
    Find My iPhone - Is free now

    For a little over $8 a month it isn't too bad. The nice thing about it is it all works together in one place and looks nice while doing it. The only problem I've ever had with it is that the iDisk sometimes gets out of sync and you have to reset it. Same with contacts.

    Hope that helped a little.
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    iDisk itself is pretty useful. And the whole calendar/notes/contacts synching is worth it too.
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    Jon Gruber was talking about this the other day on DF--the ability of Apple to sell "simple and easy" over what is otherwise [mostly] free elsewhere.

    I wrote a fairly detailed review on another thread if you're interested in reading it.

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    MobileMe is a collection of subscription-based online services and software offered by Apple. MobileMe allows users to track the location of their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. MobileMe has two different plans.
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    Dr McKay

    Handy to have together, but not really worth the money.

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