Mock WWDC Poster!!!! L@@K!!!!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by corywoolf, Feb 16, 2005.

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    Hey check out what I made. Not the best at photoshop, but def. pretty cool idea.

    tell me your comments and PM me! :D

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    Thomas Veil

    I like it. It's nice and subtle.
  3. jsw
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    Very nice.
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    I'd like it better if you removed the big "It's Coming" statement and went for more subtlety.

    Just "wwcd 05" and the picture speaks for it self. Nice concept though.
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    Tone down the X (fade it out some, more subtle), remove the It's Coming, and leave WWDC '05... put it in Myriad Semibold too, just like Apple... then it'd look like something they might make.

    Good concept!
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    nice, i like it, try some of the suggestions that others have posted, they might work well....good job though
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    yep awesome pic . well done
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    yeah, I was trying to remember the font they use, good ideas
  9. emw
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    Very nice concept - I like the suggestion to use Apple's font, and I agree that Apple wouldn't use the "It's Coming" slogan.
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    Sweet. I dig it. Really nice concept. At first I thought that the font hindered it a bit and I was going to say to use Apple's main font. But I think this font gives it a more "jungle" look, which may or may not be a good thing.
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    yeah, after I looked for an apple font and coudln't remember it or find it, I thought it looked kinda of jungle like. But apple wouldn't do it I know. It took me a while to find a way to mask the image being reflected. I like the results a lot though. Maybe I am giving myself too much credit? ;)
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    I think the tiger looks too cute. Just show a little fur, a shiny sharp tooth, and a pair of glowing sinister eyes...
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    Laslo Panaflex

    It's alright . . . The tiger is too prominant, maybe just show a little fur, not the whole tiger.

    Also the no periods between WWDC, it reminds me too much of W.W.J.D.
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    Myriad Pro Semibold.
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    very nice indeed- i wish I knew how to use photoshop :(
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    mad jew

    Sooooooo much respect for anyone who can use photoshop!
    :::eyes to the ceiling with a look of admiration in my furrowed brow:::

    The only bit of advice I can offer is that the font you used screams 2002 IMO - kinda like a movie I saw about some little dude with a serious jewellery problem...

    It looks wicked though!
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    Haha... (You're kidding, right??)

    Seriously, though, Napoleon dynamite would love that poster.
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    crap freakboy


    least I'm honest :)
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    to be honest..

    i think it looks more like a poster for peter jackson's upcoming king kong. too lazy to make something to contest it though.
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    A tiger attacking some black horned cattle would be more inviting. A tiger going to get a drink of water doesn't excite me.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Here's my version. Can anyone tell me what font that Apple uses? I spent 30 minutes but this is my best one so far.

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    mad jew

    That second one is really cool iindigo. It's captured the style that Apple uses too. :)
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    Wow, that second one looks sweet... Bet you could sell it to Apple in exchange for eh... maybe... an alpha-version PB G5 :D :D

    "So fast, it'll melt your pants off... Literally" ;)
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    WOW think that you could get quite a bit of cash/apple products for that 2nd one :D Great work

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