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Modded My iPhone 5 To Be Wht & blk (updated variations) [murged]

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iPh0neTy, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. iPh0neTy, Dec 10, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2012

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    After posting my last video I had a lot of requests for other color variations like Black screen with a white body and black buttons etc... Here they are. Let me know what your favs are or if you think it's best to keep them the way they are.

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    Wow, the dismantling part look quite difficult and looks like you spent quite some time on it.

    I like the color of the white aluminium and black glass. Gives a nice feel. If only Apple sells one of these. You consider helping people to mod their iPhones?
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    I do help people locally to mod their phones. I this is the first iPhone 5 mod. People are concerned about their warranties so it's not typical to start doing mods for several months after a release of a phone.
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    Nice work, I actually think many people would have taken a "black" iPhone 5 with the bare aluminium casework as you've partly done here, I know it's what I wanted. I would have just gone the whole way with the front glass panel too.
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    thanks man. I have the front glass if I ever decide to go with an all black front panel. I just didn't want to go too overboard with the black.
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    Yeah, I know what you mean :) I usually prefer black on the front as it's less distracting from the screen but the overall "stealth" design on the iPhone 5 is a bit too bare for me. I definitely prefer the look of the white.

    I had a similar problem designing some speakers recently which were all black and uninteresting so I mixed gloss lacquer with rubber front and just a little steel trim to liven it up a bit! :D These
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    John T

    Congratulations on an original and interesting thread - nice video too!

    It stands out from the myriad of useless threads we have to struggle through. :)
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    If I did this I would have only swapped the glass parts, I do like it but wouldn't use it over the normal black or white ones.
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    If those speakers sound half as good as they look... Geez very nice. You designed those?
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    not to mention making the video and posting it to youtube.

    oh and that phone is BUTT UGLY now. the subtle color shifts of the white and black iphone make it look classy
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    So you should also have a black & white iPhone to go with your white & black one? I'd like to see that one too.
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    Yeah, cheers for that! :) I'm the Brand Manager so I do most things nowadays, was always disappointed with agencies' design efforts so started doing them myself a year or two back, still many ranges to update though! :) Is fun but hard work at times... Still I doubt I could pull my iPhone 5 apart without ruining it!
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    Thank you. :D
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    Wow no way I could have had the patients and ability to do that without a lot of "coffee" lol.

    Good job. I would like to see a black iPhone 5 back with white plates just outta curiosity.
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    If you're gonna do something right you have to do it yourself...

    Yeah, I've fully disassembled hundreds of iPhones but this was my first full disassembly of an iPhone 5 though. I was glad to see everything worked when it put them back together.


    The black and white one looks fine, the homebutton looks a little silly being white but I plan to buy a black one and throw it on. I'll throw some pics on when I get a chance.
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    I'm as impressed by your courage as by your taste!

    I couldn't even see those little screws inside the iPhone, and if I took them out somehow, half of them would end up lost in the carpeting.

    Nice job. :D
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    I've always appreciated the subtle yet aggressive look of white with black details. Not a huge fan of white and chrome. But that's what modding is all about... making it look however makes you happy.


    Yeah the normal black and white look great... I love them both. But I also love unique and tearing things apart.
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    Very nice.

    Much better than years ago when people started showing off their red iPhone4's.
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    Thanks, I actually really liked the red iPhone 4's over most the other colors. The worst in my opinion, I have had a few people request hunting camo. As if it will somehow make it less visible to deer when you are hunting talking on the phone... :confused:
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    Thank you. And notice the tackle bins in front of me in the vid, I have to have them to help keep track of all the screws. There is nothing worse than losing a screw in the carpet!
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    Looks nice, the only thing I dislike is the black home button. Looks a bit awkward.
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    Damm beautiful looks great
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    Looks better than I expected. I like how the power and volume buttons are still black. Have you considered making a white one with the slate antenna band and back?
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    Not bad but I still like my black 5.
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    There are plenty of iPhone 5 mods, slightly less subtle than this but they're out there nonetheless.

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