Mods: Please move my Q2 Games thread back out of the "Console Wars"

Discussion in 'Games' started by Haoshiro, Apr 13, 2007.

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    It's a part of a series and IS NOT specifically geared towards any "Console War"

    It's a simple list of comparisons and completely loses its reference value shoved into the monster war thread.

    There wasn't really a problem with flame wars in the thread, nor was their in my previous Q1 Games thread.

    So please, revert that move.
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    This is PM-worthy, not new-thread-worthy. :rolleyes:
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    Sure, but I don't know which Mod did the move, etc.

    So making a public statement about it seemed a viable option.
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    They'll ignore the PM anyways, so why not do it publicly?
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    it is part of the console war because it just cries out to turn into a flame war. Make one thread for PS3 and one for 360 then maybe not.
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    Well this little bit;

    "Worse, though, is that the situation for PS3 hasn't really improved at all, it's up one title from Q1 and that can be negated by "Go! Puzzle" making a second appearance.

    PS3 still get's the 360 leftovers, and to make matters worse the majority of titles "Coming First to 360" won't be making it to PS3 for many months, some not scheduled until 2008.

    Massive showings for 360 exclusives as well, with some big games like Mass Effect, Forza 2, BioShock and Blue Dragon!

    All in all, a great time to be a 360 owner, and a disappointing time for PS3 fans. Hope you haven't played those 360 titles already (FEAR/Vegas/GRAW2), otherwise you seem to mostly have Warhawk and the remastered Ninja Gaiden to hold you for three another months."

    Doesn't exactly help much. He isn't slagging anything but we all know where these will lead to so why bother in the first place?
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    It hadn't gone there so there's no way to say if it would given time. His whole post was pretty factual and whether or not it WOULD have turned into a flame war is irrelevant because it didn't.

    The real root of the problem is the "Console Wars" thread is stupid. There's people who will want to discuss these topics, and it's practically impossible to do so in that format of 1300 and counting posts, with random discussions being dumped in the middle constantly.
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    sort of, but there seems to be a lot less flaming going on, or maybe I just stopped reading the threads that spark it ;).

    The real problem is this board can't have (or rarely can have) a real discussion without it turning into "OMG Sony is gay!" Or "Wii suxxor" and it ruins most threads. The console war thread probably isn't the best solution but since everyone complains about lack of modding around here they are trying to do something. But now is everyone freaking out and saying "where's a REAL gaming board?" A lot of regulars haven't been around for a while, before the "console war thread" was around, and maybe it's because the board is so utterly filled with fan boy tantrums that no one can bear to read it :D
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    I've never seen anyone complain about a lack of moderation. I also see very few "OMG Sony suxors" type comments. Maybe it's because I block people who make incoherent rants.
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