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ModulR case for Ipad - Macworld expo 2011

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Onthelo, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Hi everyone, I am new here and love the forums so far allot of interesting rumors and tech info. I just wanted to take a moment to thanks the guys over at modulR for hooking me up with some cool products. I met the designer of the product at the macworld expo yesterday and I ended up purchasing the case (with hard shell screen cover), hand strap, shoulder strap, table quick stand, 2x slim wall mounts and the fridge magnet mounts. We talked for quite some time and they gave an excellent product demonstration with a real working ipad to show how well the product worked. I mainly picked them up becasue I went to the show looking for a wall mount solution. So far the products work as demonstrated the only gripe i have if any is that sometimes the screen protector will start to pull up on the edge where the lock button is because your pushing on the rubber case which then pushes on the edge of my Zagg shield making it peel up a little. Other than that it fits excellent and all the mounts work great utilizing the noods on the back of the hard case. In the upcoming months they will also release the headrest strap for vehicle use. So just wanted to say thank you to those guys and for showing me a great product at macworld. Thanks for listening guys and I am curious what other members think about this style case. Did anyone find the same problem with the screen shield that I am experienceing?
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    From what I've seen on their website the case looks pretty cool. Not sure how I feel about the "feet" on the bottom though.

    Could you post some pics of your case?
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    Sure thing I'll take some tomorrow.
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    Sorry ended up giving the case to my friend at work today to let him try it out since he has no screen protector. If he likes it I am going to give it to him. Sorry bro if I get it back I will snap some shots..
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    I've review this case a long time ago. Should find it if you guys are interested..
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    Those do look pretty cool. May have to consider this setup when I get the iPad 2. April can't come fast enough. Well hopefully April.
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    My buddy ended up loving it so I gave it to him. Keeping the stock apple flip case for now :D

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