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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Mcinfantry, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Mine shipped today. I will have it Monday.
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    I hope. I have yet to see any reviews, and I could not find a thread here to add to.
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    First I have ever heard of it. Links or pictures?
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    Looks interesting, and I'd be willing to give it a test, BUT...

    1. I don't really know why I would want to mount my iPad on the wall. The suggestion that the slim mount can be used to mount the iPad to replace a TV is kind of ridiculous.

    The picture on the website of the guy sitting in front of a computer and having his iPad mounted on the wall next to him is kind of odd, as well. He's sitting in front of a computer...capable of multi-tasking...and he has to use the iPad, as well, to pull things up?

    2. The Quick stand looks interesting in that it attaches to the base securely, but the fact that the stand does not fold would limit its portability. I take my iPad on the road and need something that lies flat to put in my bag.

    3. I do like the fact that it has a cover which protects the screen while travelling...

    So far, I've tried out the Yoobao, the Chinao and am going to test the Cyber Acoustics when it arrives. I also have a Marware Sports case which I haven't yet tested.

    As much as some features of this case seem enticing, I don't know if I can pull the trigger at that price.

    Please let us know what you think of it when it arrives, OP.
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    I will. My main thing is traveling. And I want to make a dash mount to use it as a gps and car-puter
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    Sounds good! Let us know.
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    Great, another case I want to try out :)

    If the case itself is thin enough and feels good in the hand I'll probably give it a shot. (and if the build quality is good)

    I tend to think it's over priced just a tad though. $70 seems a little more on target from the video.
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    Hi...Thanks. Interesting case and worthy of a second look.

    You might want to revise the pics on your website. The pic next to the word
    "interior" looks like a bunch of toenail clippings.

    I am somewhat concerned with the bright red interior fabric and the possibility of that bright and saturated looking color bleeding on to my iPad.

    I would definitely love to hear some feedback on this case.
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    It has a big thread with lots of info.....
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    Thanks, Tracey. I will check it out. I have bought so many cases (I think I'm becoming a case addict) that I haven't checked out all the threads...I must resist the urge to buy another....:D
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    I would be addicted to reading about cases and pondering if they would work for me :D (aka, i'm poor and can't impulse buy! LOL!!)
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    Glad I am not the only one so obsessed, Tracey! :)
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    I'm here to save you Built. First of all you can check out my unboxing/whatever vid and review will follow. Questions? :)
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    Thanks, Schneider. :) I've got all the cases I could ever need and more LOL

    The only thing I've bought of late is a cheap drawstring bag off of Ebay into which I can slip the iPad with Yoobao Magic case.

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