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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by chriscorbin, Sep 11, 2007.

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    never thought i would be saying this, but my mother wants to learn Adobe InDesign. She saw an invitation that someone made for a party, she asked the person how it was done and they said InDesign, so my mother is under the impression that the program is soooo simple a baby could do it, well sh is bugging me to teach her, i told her to start with pages, then move to photoshop and we would talk after that. long story short i need a good book somthing along the lines of:InDesign for complete computer challenged morons,kindergarten edition. anyone have a good book, keep in mind my mother is computer-retarded and i know a little indesign(much more comfortable with photoshop and illustrator)

    also is starting her off with pages the right thing to do? and eventually moving to photoshop later because its easier to learn IMHO?

    any advice would be helpful
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    InDesign CS3 classroom in a book

    or CS2

    photoshop, pages and indesign are not parallel programs; tho pages is in some ways a very limited template based indesign. they all do different kinds of things. if she wants to learn indesign, she should start on it.
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    Video Podcasts?

    You could always try 'The Adobe Creative Suite Podcast' on iTunes for tips with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. The videos tend to be short and sweet and they are really usefull. Ive learnt soo much from these and I thought I knew all I needed to know. They got both CS2 and CS3 stuff so should be fine either way. Its cheaper than a book =]
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    Learning InDesign just to do invitations and such is a little overkill. I don't doubt that your mom is able to learn, but I don't envy you doing the teaching.

    I taught an introductory class to InDesign, and I did notice that those in their 40's and older had a harder time grasping everything. Pages, especially the new version with the layout mode, would be great to start off with (and maybe stay there), but I don't know if Photoshop would be necessary. In some cases the two are similar, but in the end they are very, very different and may make things more confusing when switching over to InDesign.
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    InDesign is a complicated application. I highly recommend The Print Shop for Mac if your mom will only be designing invitations. InDesign is more of a professional page layout application.
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    Pages is a good place to start. It isn't very difficult and she'll get to understand concepts like styles. I don't know what kind of person your mom is, but from what you've said I don't think she'll need more than that to do what she wants. Indesign is very powerful but not easy to jump in and use and all that power will be wasted at the expense of a much more complicated setup.
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    #8 has videos that she can watch to learn Indesign. It has hours of video tutorials on alot of other computer programs too.
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    I've used this myself to learn final cut express, but it is a monthly fee, and my mother wont pay it. she doesnt belive in paying for things on the internet
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    If this is geared towards invitations and small items, I'd actually start her with Illustrator.

    InDesign has many features that will just be wasted on her, and I'm guessing that most of what she wants to do is something Illustrator could handle. Just offer her Illustrator as a stepping stone and promise to teach her InDesign, but only if she ever decides to typeset a book or layout a 16+ page brochure.
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    good idea, I am better with AI anyway and i think its a little easier to learn
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    isn't their a free trial for 30 days... download it and when she see how overwhelming it looks she'll get over it ;)
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    We already own CS3 Design premium i had to get it for school
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    I agree, InDesign is a professional application and therefore it has a professional learning curve, it's not as easy as other applications out there.

    My mother is a principal of a school and decided to learn InDesign, she found it very difficult in learning it. She now uses Pages, it looks great, way easier to use, has some very nice looking templates and you can save as a PDF which is good when it comes time to send something to the printer (I know there will be some graphics people out there cringing at the thought of that).

    From my experience get her to looks at Pages first, you can always learn more if you like something but you will be discouraged if you start at the hardest application and can't learn it.

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    I will second the CS3 Classroom in a book. If she is serious about learning it, it's gunna be worth the $35. It is a full color book of a a few hundred pages and also comes with a CD full of lessons and such. It really is worth buying I (although I haven't done more than crack the front cover). I had to buy the CS3 books for PS, AI, and ID. We are currently about halfway through the AI book. They are extremely basic, but very helpful.
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    There is a one day free trial on somewhere on the site
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    InDesign is confusing! My opinion and then help needed myself!

    Okay, I'm a 40yo mom who likes to think I'm pretty computer-savy, and though I have the CS2 suite, I think both InDesign and Illustrator are hard! Not that I don't use them for for my business, but I'm always having to contact my graphic designer, or google, or refer to my jumbo sized manuals for help everytime I have a new project. If she's just doing invitations, I definitely think Pages or another layout program would be sooooo much simpler for her and she could accomplish it in under an hour, vs. the long learning curve for the Adobe products and then having to call you everytime she wants to do something similar!!

    Now, while I'm here... I'm trying to create a catalog and had the layout done by my designer, but can I drag text into a frame and have it automatically resize and change the font? I figured out how to do the .jpgs, just clicking the fill frame button, but since I want to change the font and font size, I didn't know if it was possible (I have over 150 text blocks for the catalog, each one in an individual Publisher file) Thanks!

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