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    I would like to invite everyone to my site:
    Please feel free to report any bugs or display errors in the forums (news and information > bugs). You do NOT need to register to post in the News and Requests sections.

    Constructive comments and critiques are also very welcome.

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    hey nice site. like the layout, nice and simple. some nice stuff in the gallery as well. nice work. :)

    i haven't checked out the whole site yet, but i did get '404'D' trying to go to the 'Tutorials' page...
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    yeah i know, i haven't gotten around to writing any tutorials yet. i suppose i could put an "under construction" note up.
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    Lookin' good, dude. It's nice to see the finished product after all the work you've put in on it.

    One validation note: your <br> tags need to be closed (i.e. - <br />)

    Other than that sweet job. :)
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    i always forget that my main page is xhtml and not html transitional when i'm writing new news updates.

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