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Moose collides with car. May offend the more sensitive viewers.

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by cr2sh, Aug 3, 2004.

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    That was one lucky woman! She could have easily been killed. And that moose sure did a number on htat car.
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    I suspect Boris and Natasha had something to do with this.
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    Now I know that moose aren't exactly the brightest of animals... I heard that one person had to wait 20 minutes parked in his car because a moose moved out to the middle of the road and stayed there for a while.
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    I went fishing in northern Maine about a month ago, we use dirt roads to get every where, and there we always mooses on the road . You had to be very careful not to hit one when you came around a corner.
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    My power went out a few days ago. Turns out a squirrel was fried in one of the regulator boxes in my neighborhood. Now this....

    I think you're right, FriarTuck.
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    too bad she didn't have a good ol american suv.

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    ROCKY!!! hehe ouch shes lucky to escape with just a broken arm, cant say much for the moose tho

    do they make for good eats>?
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    Most of the time people in cars don't survive, even many trucks have moose guards because of the damage if they hit. My uncle is a truck driver up north and he hit a moose a few weeks ago, it cost 15,000 to repair his truck.

    I am always looking very carfully when I go up highway 11 ( which goes through South River) since I have such a small car. Just don't go at night thats when they usually roam around.
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    Poor Moose, Poor Women
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    I'm trying to understand the physics that get that moose off the ground and tearing off the roof of the car. Fast car + slow moose? Fast car + moose legs longer than the height of the car's hood?

    In any event that's nasty business.
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    Actually, from my experience with good ol' american suv's at motor vehicle incidents the damage would be worse! They fold in on impact just as bad as cars do, but due to the higher center of gravity they also tend to flip and roll more often.

    Either way, that lady is damn lucky!
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    My brother did close to the same thing about three weeks ago. He was on his way home from tree planting in Northern Ontario when a moose ran out and collided with his car. He said he was driving rather slow (this happened on the back roads from the tree planting camp) and it was mostly the moose that ran into the ran as opposed to vise versa. The car was a 1986 Olds wagon, so pretty much a battle tank. The front end got messed up a little, but most of the damage occurred on top of the hood and to the windshield / front of the roof. He says the moose jumped up onto the hood of the car and caved in the windshield before running off into the bush.

    My bro was able to drive the car home (back to western Manitoba) but the insurance company decided it was a write-off.

    I thought he was pretty lucky too, both he and his friend walked away with little more a sprinkling of broken glass.
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    DAmn russians at it again
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    Heavy moose - tall moose - crumple-able top. They don't make cars like they used to...
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    A Hummer would have pulverised it!
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    Are moose good eating? That'd be my first thought upon surviving something like that. :D
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    I doubt the Moose (notoriously slow, stubborn creatures) jumped out in front of her. I would bet money on the fact that she just wasn't paying attention and slammed right into it. :( Poor moose.
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    my parents on a body shop in Canada, and we see moose hits every so often. First off, they are usually fatal, I'm shocked to hear she only broke her arm, but the moose did miss the driver side pretty well. Even with a suv, moose are huge, an suv wouldn't really help. I've seen suv that have taken on moose, and they aren't much better. Although, suv's usually have a much better chance to win against a deer.
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    Nasty crash. Poor moose, glad that the women survived.

    I used to go to South River every summer to go to Hockey camp, I have seen bears and stuff but never lucky enough to see a Moose. Its right by algonquin so there must be lot of them there.
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    Mr. Anderson

    In Alaska, there's a lottery system of sorts for this thing. When there's moose accident and you're next on the list, you get a call where the carcass is and you have to round up the friends and family, chainsaw, etc. and get on over there to claim your prize.

    Moose is really lean meat, btw. You have to add fat to it for cooking.

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    As horrible as that is (dead moose, destroyed car- ouch!) that first picture made me laugh. It looks like something out of a cartoon, with a perfect hole in the windshield, and a pair of moose legs sticking out :D. Maybe I'm just strange like that though...
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    AMAZING! but a little scary!
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    Capt Underpants


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