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Mophie Debuts 'Space Pack' Battery Case With Built-In Storage

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Mophie today added to its existing lineup of Juice Packs and Powerstations, introducing the new Mophie Space Pack. Like the company's Juice Packs, the Space Pack is a 1700 mAh battery case, but it also includes built-in storage, increasing the storage capacity of the iPhone by 16 or 32 GB.

    Designed for the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5s, the Space Pack doubles the battery life of the iPhone, connecting via the Lightning port to offer both increased battery and additional storage. The built-in storage can be used for any file type, including photos, videos, and music.

    The Space Pack uses an accompanying Space app to organize stored files into Collections that are easily managed. Accessing files does not require a data or Wi-Fi connection and content like music and movies can be played directly from the Space app.

    Mophie's Space Packs will be available for pre-order today, priced at $149.95 for the 16 GB version and $179.95 for the 32 GB model. The cases will begin shipping on March 14.

    Article Link: Mophie Debuts 'Space Pack' Battery Case With Built-In Storage
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    Way too expensive! :(
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    nice but expensive

    Great concept, just pricey...:apple:
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    Great idea! How about take away the battery and just make a storage case? Then you have your own file system basically.
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    Or you could just get the next step up in storage and a normal battery case.
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    Too bulky for my liking. And I think 64GB is sufficient for a smartphone. I have over 700 songs, 3 movies, photos, and more than 100 apps including 3D games, and I still have 9GB remaining. What more do I want?
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    What if you have a 64gb iPhone and want 16GB or 32GB more in storage, but don't want the bulk of the battery case?
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    Excellent idea but $179 is beyond silly.
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    The Doctor11

    That makes apples case look cheap.


    You call apple and tell them that for the next gen iPhone you want to give them more money.
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    Screw storage I want a battery case with WIRELESS CHARGING. I gotta put the case on anyway for the extra battery but I hate micro USB let me charge wirelessly.
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    MicroSD slot would've been more practical and Space app should have ability to backup photos and videos from Camera roll.
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    So they charge 20 bucks more for a 32 but apple charger 100?

    This looks like a winner but the overall price. If it were 99 it would be excellent
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    $100 for 16 gb extra of storage through apple + $99 mophie battery case = $200

    16 gb and extra battery in one = $150 or $180 for 32 gb more
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    Is this what you're talking about?
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    Too expensive and the price will drop once other competition steps in with alternatives. Might as well buy a 64gb iphone for those prices.

    Prices should range from 100-150

    Expect a price drop in a year if these don't sell as much as they expect
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    its $99 for the charger and either $49 or $79 dollar for the storage.

    Apple charges $100 for each increase of 16gb of storage and no option for
    extra charging power for those who need it. Do the math.
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    Too bad these cases don't add "width" to the form factor rather than "height."
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    Okay, for the first realistic storage expansion for the iPhone, this is pretty cool! It is actually very tempting!
  20. jsw
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    If you inherit (or buy used) a phone with less capacity than you'd like, this case would be a great option.
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    Not true
    Apple charges the same 100$ for 16GB or 32GB.
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    Damn... That's really tempting.
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    Surprised nobody has done this yet before; they have external drives, in which I always thought was weird that they didn't put into a casing form.. and they've had battery cases for a while..

    6 years later.

    Way too expensive, which is annoying especially since I don't see this as necessary of being new technology or new concept, this should have been out long ago and have had the price beaten down by now. Plus, it's too expensive in general.. The upgrade to 32gb more built in from 16gb is 200, which is only 20 dollars difference.. I understand the lack of additional battery, but some people don't want the bulk in negotiation for battery; 179 is just way too much.
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    Well they are a battery add on business first. They can certainly see the growth potential to a storage only option but wanted to release a traditional battery product for their customers first.

    From that standpoint it makes perfect sense and undoubtedly they will offer one. It is just weird how many "bad at math" comments there are in this thread as people ignore the value of the battery.

    If you don't want the battery don't buy it. Offering a case that extends storage on an iPhone is a fairly big thing and will likely change things forever. So be patient and wait.

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