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Mophie Workbook and iPad3

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Pared, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Does anyone that has this case already for the iPad 2 plan on getting an iPad 3 on launch day?

    I am curious to find out what are differences if I were to use this case for the new iPad. I already know the sizes are similar, but I'm more concerned with the camera placement and if any minor changes are noticeable when using the case and new device.

  2. 3goldens, Mar 14, 2012
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    I spoke with my friends at Mophie, they are telling me it will fit without a problem!

    What they didn't know was that the magnet function does not work any longer!
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    Yes - I found out about this yesterday.

    So does the magnet feature work without a problem with the 2? I'll have one to test out later. It's "broken" when using with the 3.
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    So is it confirmed that the Mophie Workbook case does not support the Retina iPad 3's magnetic sleep wake function at the moment?
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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to pop in and say that our Workbook II's will be compatible with the sleep/wake function on the new iPad. We just confirmed it with our CEO this morning. Also our PowerStand is compatible with it 100%, as will be our new Workbook III. The new Workbook III will also have a bigger camera hole to make way for the bigger iPad camera. Hope this clears up some rumors.

    - Katie at mophie
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    Solid reply, thanks ladyperson.
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    Any information on a release date for the Workbook III?
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    How are people supposed to know if the Workbook 2 they are buying will be compatible? Will there be something on the box? Slightly different SKU?

    B/c the one I purchased on Amazon didn't work. Will most likely return it and wait it out. But I did love the case.

    I emailed support, sent them proof of purchase and have yet to hear back.
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    Nope, sorry about that! My lips are sealed until the top guys give me an official release date. You'll hear all about it if you follow our Twitter/Facebook/email newsletter. :)

    We are working on something (most likely a sticker) that will show the compatibility with the new iPad for all the workbooks in our current inventory. If you would like to send me a PM with your contact info and the case number, I can check on that for you!

    - Katie at mophie
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    Thanks Katie. I think you have pm's turned off, however.
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    Opps sorry about that. I think it's because I don't have 5 posts yet. :) You can send me an email over at katie at mophie dot com.
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    Can you tell us what some of the differences will be with the Workbook III as opposed to the II? Thanks
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    I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to give away any details until everything is finalized. I can tell you that it'll be 100% compatible with the new iPad and it looks awesome to boot. :)
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    So the cut-outs for camera on the workbook II (i assume that is the workbook for Ipad 2) don't fit "new" Ipad? Any other fit issues?

    So where should I order the workbook II if wanted to get one tested for new ipad magnets? amazon? mophie.com?

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    Hi Katie, why do you lie about the sleep/wake-function? It isn't compatible with the new iPad. :confused:

    Many people bought the mophie-workbook because of this Information. :mad:
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    A fix for those with the Mophie Workbook!

    I slit open a small incision on the inside of the Workbook inside cover after using another magnet to determine exactly the position of the magnet Mophie placed to activate the sleep wake function..

    It is a very small round magnet the is glued in place, using a hobby knife, I carefully pried it loose, turned it around and put a drop of glue on the bottom and sealed the cover back up with some crazy glue.

    Let it dry for a few minutes,

    and presto,
    working Mophie Workbook!
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    I just received confirmation from our CEO after our engineers tested our inventory of workbook II's that they're compatible. I wouldn't lie to you fine people. :( If they are not working, please let me know so I can notify our tech support and we can send you a replacement.

    I've been hearing that some are not working because they are warped in places. If that's the case with yours we have a 1 year warranty on our products. Just contact tech support here: www.mophie.com/ts
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    Workbook 3 not working with iPad 3rd gen Magnet function

    Hi Katie, just sent you a Email, my workbook 2 does not work with my 3rd Gen iPad Magnet wake function. If you can help to get it sorted out that would be great.

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