More Evidence for 2048x1536 iPad Retina Display

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 14, 2011.

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    More evidence has emerged to suggest that a future version of the iPad will sport a "Retina" display with a resolution of 2048x1536, or double the horizontal and vertical pixels of the current iPad.

    Back in January, a number of images were discovered within iPad apps showing icons twice the size needed for the 1024x768 screen on the iPad. This suggested a similar pixel-doubling strategy to that used in the iPhone 4's Retina Display. That particular feature wasn't included in the iPad 2, but perhaps will be in the iPad 3.


    New clues regarding a possible 2048x1536 iPad display were reported today by Techunwrapped. Their tipster noticed the Twitter.framework within the iOS SDK had huge images, twice the size needed for the current iPad:
    Techunwrapped goes on to suggest that because the large images were only included in the Twitter section of the iOS SDK -- a relatively new part of the iOS codebase -- it means an iPad 3 will come out in the same timeframe as iOS 5 is released.

    Based on the discovery of pixel-doubled iPad images as far back as January, we are hesitant to attach any significant timeline to these discoveries, but they are simply more signs that Apple plans to release a Retina Display-equipped iPad.

    Article Link: More Evidence for 2048x1536 iPad Retina Display
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    that's for the iPhone 5 ;)

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    If Apple release a Retina iPad for the current $500/16GB, I'm sold!! Keep the rumors coming :D
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    So the iPad 3 will come out around iOS 5 with Retina display Twitter functionality and normal everything else? How does THAT make any sense?
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    Maybe it will be the "one more thing" during September's iPhone/iPod event :D
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    so should i buy an ipad, or will one be coming out by the end of this or next month according to this
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    Haha, I knew it :cool:
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    i just watched a video with a retrofitted 3d disply on an ipad. wonder if that has something to do with it.
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    That resolution is higher than my laptop. It better have some decent hardware with a display like that
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    So I guess I was right after all, we'll definitely see a Retina iPad :cool:

    (Now I just need to justify spending my student loans on an iPad 3 :eek:)
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    The resolution should make the Cinema Display come down on the price then too right?
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    Not necessarily, if the amount of panels made is not high enough, the price won't go down.

    On the other hand, iPads sell by millions.
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    Same. That's what I was waiting for.
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    Just bought an iPad, and i'm going to enjoy it. There is no economical way to keep up with technology especially at Apple's rate.
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    so should i get an ipad now? or will one be released end of this/next month?
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    The article says, "a similar pixel-doubling strategy." That should be "pixel-quadrupling."
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    I highly doubt it'll be released this year. Stranger things have happened though. If you're ready to buy then buy. If you really want a higher res screen then wait.
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    Steve stood right next to this when the iPad 2 was launched. No iPad 3 until 2012.
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    Makes sense being that I just bought an iPad 2 today.

    Although honestly retina display is really not that big of a selling feature for me personally.
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    Especially considering it is still difficult to track down iPads in stores even now. It would almost be silly for Apple to refresh the iPad this year from a business perspective.
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    he can just add a new slide that has an X through it with a 3 on top :eek:

    really - if that's the case i'm going to be scrambling to unload my new ipad 2 :D

    imagine this

    ipad 2 - starts at $399 and the ipad 2 HD at $499
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    Yeah, it doesn't make sense at all.

    There is simply no need for a iPad 3 this year. No Honeycomb tablet has trumped the iPad 2. The new Samsung Tab is very close but Apple can definitely wait till next year to release the iPad 3.
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    Apple, "If you build it, I will come"
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    Agree. They're producing iPad 2's at full speed now and it's extremely high in demand.
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    They are probably just making all new assets high res. Less to go back and rework when they are ready. Not sure how this means it will come out alongside ios5.

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