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More Final Cut Pro X Screenshots Leak Ahead of Release

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. MacRumors, Jun 12, 2011
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    Final Cut Pro X must be in late testing as even more screenshots from the upcoming release have been leaked to the internet. Twitter user @MortGoldman2 has posted a sequence of screenshots said to be from the upcoming Final Cut Pro X. The series of over 30 shots shows grabs of various tools/views including histogram, color balance, exposure, color grading and more.

    Apple demoed Final Cut Pro X back in April at the Final Cut Pro User Group Network SuperMeet held in conjunction with the National Association of Broadcasters' NAB Show 2011 in Las Vegas. At the time, the company announced that Final Cut Pro X would launch via the Mac App Store in June priced at $299

    Article Link: More Final Cut Pro X Screenshots Leak Ahead of Release
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    FCPX looks awesome. It will be nice to switch back to pro after having used Express HD for a few years.
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    Looks. Freaking. Amazing.
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    I'm just patiently waiting until I can buy it.
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    I've been using a copy of some ancient FC that I bought as a student and yeah, I'm more than ready for this!
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    Let's get this show on the road! I've been holding off on editing new projects just so I can do it on X.

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    i'm still waiting lol. this is gonna be awesome
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    As soon as my credit card clears up, or as soon as it comes out..
    I'm getting this!

    Seems like a totally affordable, formidable and powerful editing tool.
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    Completely useless info. We have already seen this stuff demoed and recently shots of Motion. If you're gonna leak some photos, leak some that answer some questions- not a zillion shots of the color correction we already know about. Let's see the batch capture window. Let's see a viewer window instead of a film strip. Let's see examples of 3 point editing. Show us the new multicam interface. Some use of Plugins. Print to tape. Anything.
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    I'm assuming u don't understand what a leak is....
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    Columbo/Steve Jobs: "Just one more thing... There appear to be JPEG compression artefacts in these screen-cap'd PNGs..."
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    Well, I'm just saying slightly more extensive views of screens that Apple themselves demoed to the public months ago ain't it.

    A shot of Motion was a leak.
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    Cannot wait!
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    release date prediction?

    I have some grant money I need to use up before the end of the week or else I lose it. I wanted to buy the new final cut but may end up having to get the Adobe Suite instead if not released soon.... arg.

    Any thoughts on release date? Or any confirmation?
  15. JabbaII, Jun 12, 2011
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    Current upgrade for the whole suite is $299
    versus Final Cut X at $299 (no upgrade price)
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    Companies can't wait to achieve a diverse workforce by altering skin tones in their ads.
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    You'd think there would be a little more hype and build up to a release like this. I can't see them just dropping it out of the blue. Ok yeah I can...lame.
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    Get a discount on FCP X

    9to5Mac posted that Best Buy is selling iTunes gift cards (which can be used on the Mac App Store) for 15% off. You can order them online and pay shipping, or do what I did and get them in-store. 15% off $299 isn't bad at all!
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    I wonder about Motion, Livetype and Soundtrack.
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    Nice! I just got $400 worth of cards for $340! Not bad at all! That'll get me FCPX, Lion and more! Free shipping too!
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    Livetype is already gone, built into Motion in the last release, was kinda useless on its own if you ask me. Don't really care much for Motion really. Use Soundtrack pretty regularly with FCP. Though I kinda wish they would just kill it and give us some sort of Logic Lite instead or something.

    What I want to know is what's going on with DVDSP. I use that all the time. Yes, people still use, want and request DVDs from me all the time. Would really love Blu-ray authoring support. I'm not a fan of Encore. The few time I've been forced to use it hasn't been fun.

    Apple may not like the idea of watching Blu-ray on a Mac, but I can't understand how they can overlook the fact that the professionals out there still need to be able to make them. And no, the limited BD support in the current Final Cut Studio is barely suited to make anything professional.
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    Will this run on my white Macbook (Not pro)? Thanks.
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    motion is no shake... then again shake is no shake :(
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    Yes it will run. i imagine it'll run on any intel mac (maybe not the core duos and core solos though, since those won't have lion support, but that was only a few computers i think)
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    He amount of hype and drama has been enormous! You're just reading the wrong forum.

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