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More Panther Details?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 20, 2003.

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    LoopRumors posts a followup to their previous Panther information. Some of the features are rehashed, with possible new information including the return of themes, dock grouping, and voice recognition log-ins.
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    voice recognition log-ins....
    Unless i can power up my PowerMac with voice recognition, this is practically useless....
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    Yeah, that's it.
    Now when I get home all I need to do is shout "Macs Up!!!"
    Then every Mac in my place will be powered up. :D
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    There are only 3 things that they say which I really want:
    Themes, Speed, and Safari.

    The other things are nice, but I don't NEED them, at least right now.
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    That alone would make Panther worth $129. :D

    I think that voice recognition logins would improve security, but what if you are loggin in remotely and the machine you're logging in from does not have a microphone?
  6. job
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    I assume you mean Apple approved themes correct? I'd like OS X more if they let you customize it yourself to your heart's content, without the need to select individual themes. That way every GUI would be different, an individual fingerprint of the style and flair of every Mac user.
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    And meanwhile, all your Windows machines will try to join in, but since they're all trying to log onto the network at exactly the same time, they'll suffer an identity crisis and give themselves viruses and crash. Oh wait, Windows IS a virus. :D

    Yeah I know that didn't make too much sense...
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    Dale Sorel

    I hope the Themes part is correct :)
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    i'd actually be glad if the biometric plugins came back... voice recognition, then someone would make thumb and iris scanners that the OS recognized for this purpose... combine this with multiple GUI login, and wow :) very nice high-security system for sensitive areas...

    the voice plugin alone is really not that useful tho...

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    Hmm I'm sure I've seen OSX finger print login devices.

    I hope they bring far far more customizeability. Whoa that's a mouth full. Any how, being able to customize the look and feel of your system is why I originally really got into the mac back in the System 7 days. Back then it meant being able to have icons and move files around but since then things haven't really improved. System 9 had far more features when it came to the user inteface then OSX so it's time for OSX to make OS9 look like a featureless door knob in my oppinion. Oh!, also speed can never hurt.:)

    Finally for me as on a two user system having the ability to switch users without ending a task is priceless. XP has this it's time OSX caught up. Also something that XP has is the ability to sort your music folder using the ID3 tag information. Why the hell don't we have that? Any way definitely the user switch ability. I hate it when I have a process running in the background not up on the screen and my fiancé comes in takes a look at the screen and doesn't see anything up so assumes it's not in use then logsout to her system. There goes all that work. Oh, well I guess. Thankfully it sounds like that pain is over with.
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    how lazy are you?
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    I want an implant so it automatically starts up logs in and load my most common we pages, email, and programs before I walk in the door.:p ;)
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    I would be happy with just a speed boost.
    And dont hate me, but piles sound like a good idea to me.
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    quicktime 6.5

    How do they know that they'll be releasing Quticktime 6.5 by the time Panther comes out. Why not 6.4 or 6.6? If that's the case, what improvements will 6.3 and 6.4 bring, and WHEN!?!
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    Wow! I had completely forgotten about voice recognition from OS9. Apple had so much about it on their website. Sniffle, those were the days.

    More customisability wouldn't go a miss, e.g. turning off metal, turning off aqua, changing colors etc. Everyone has their own ideas, hopefully some of them will get in.

    Also (as a result of my last thread), a better Quartz Extreme!!!

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    My wishlist

    I would be so happy if I could get my computer to speak to me in Majel Barret's voice. Those voices that ship with OS X are sooo annoying.
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    I want to be able to customize EVERY SINGLE bit of MY system' interface. That's (and speed, of course) all!
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    Every 'bit'? Wow you have some serious time on your hands.

    Lets see my OSX system folder occupies 744.3MB on my hard drive. That's 6,097,305,600 bits.:p
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    piles were intriguing - I'd still like to see them some day.

    How about FTP that's functional? Right now it's just a cruel joke. The key part of FTP is the "T". :rolleyes:

    Voice recognition? Boy that's great if I'm the only person in the room with nobody else around to bother with my incessent yammering at my computer.

    For those wanting to power up via voice recognition - buy a clapper.

    Right now, I just want it to be faster. I'm very pleased with overall stability thus far.
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    Assuming you mean Finder-integrated FTP, I agree 100%. This is a feature which really needs to be fully implemented.

    Themes with sounds. About time!!!
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    Yes sounds! I seem to remember they were in (one of) the first betas, then they went :(

    Sounds sounds sounds

    AppleMatt (easily pleased)
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    Just that fact the first batch or rumors from Looprumors was essentially a compilation of a dozen or so rumors already out there, i am more than a little skeptical of anything Looprumors prints. Still, I was also getting intrigued by "Piles"!
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    Mu haha, my girl friend asked me the same thing :D
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    LOL! I almost fell out of my chair from that one.
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    Well, mine is just 674.1 Mb, so I'm not that crazy.

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