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More Photos of Next-Generation iPad Front Panel and Digitizer Surface

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Sonny Dickson has posted several new photos showing the alleged front panel from the next-generation iPad, which is said to carry a slimmer, thinner design similar to the iPad mini. The photos appear to be consistent with a previous leak that depicted the front panel of the black next-generation iPad and an April leak showing the white version, all showing the same narrower side bezels. as well as a pair of flex cables that run along the long edge of the pane that also appear to consistent with prior reports.

    As with the black front panel part from earlier this month, this white part includes the integrated digitizer, with a pair of flex cables running along the long edge of the pane. Thosee connectors are somewhat different from those seen in Apple's current line of iPads, but the company has also been rumored to be making a number of technological changes for the upcoming iPad, such as using the same touch panel technology found in the current-generation iPad mini.

    Apple will reportedly release the thinner full-size iPad and the next-generation iPad mini in the final three months of the year. The company is holding an iPhone media event on September 10, and it has been thought that new iPads would appear at a later date, but a report today claims that both iPhone and iPads will be introduced at the September 10 event.

    Article Link: More Photos of Next-Generation iPad Front Panel and Digitizer Surface
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    Time to replace my Gen 1 (long overdue). I really hope they drop the price tiers for a given amount of memory.
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    I wonder how all these parts can be removed from the manufacturers. I'd think that they track these things ro ensure no loss of revenue. Wouldn't they notice that there are missing iPhone 5Cs or iPads?

    And if these leakers are returning the pieces back… great, more dust and hair under the screens.
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    The bigger question is does anyone really care? Unless there are people out there that are going to buy an iPad just because they saw a picture of what the front glass may look like....
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    More evidence that iPad Large is going the way of iPod. Yep, we still sell them…
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    I think it unlikely that Apple would release iPads and iPhones on the same day. Lots of their fans would want to buy both but couldn't afford both at once, so they'd only end up buying one product.

    That wouldn't make the kind of splash that Apple usually goes for.
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    i hope apple also plans an ipad trade-in program, i've an ipad 2 and i really want an upgrade. please apple, please launch an ipad trade-in program

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