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More RIAA "John Doe" law suits. Not Again!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by coopdog, Mar 27, 2004.

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    I hate the RIAA so much. I have no problem "stealing" from large bands. If they really wanted to get their "word/message" out there, the message the tote around all the time on the radio, they would go with a label that wouldn't charge $20 for CD with 10 ****in songs. With only 3 faves. If I like the group Ill go out and buy their CD. How is it legal for the RIAA an org. to sue people and force their ISP's to divulge privite information?
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    Your behind in the times by friend!

    That was over 5 days ago!

    In bewteen that time and today the RIAA sued '100' Public Librarys for loaning CD's out to people with "library" or should I say PIRACY cards!

    Evil Evil people!
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    I'm currently in the prosess of sueing RIAA for intention to cause bodily harm. I downloaded a song on kazza I legaly have on CD and the scramble noise they put on there hurt my ears. Now I want 14.7 million.
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    I hate that sound too. It's so irritating.
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    Don't you know, they don't actually sue you, they just threaten to sue.

    They found that lawsuits are a good alternative to actually making music that we would want to buy :)

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