More suitable for server: higher-end G4 or lower end G5

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by seveej, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Dec 14, 2009
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    Bored and frustrated with "dumb" home-NAS -boxes, I've decided to use some of the (relatively cheap) Apple PPC hardware to create a decent home network server: File serving for the home network (two laptops) and for archiving, web-serving some hobby-pages, iCal synchronization, some FTP and having a computer which can be tasked with continuous processes (something a mobile laptop is not suitable for)...

    It's an old plan of mine, which lay dormant for a long time until i stumbled upon someone selling a MDD (Dual 1Ghz) with leopard server thrown in. The machine has been in 24/7 use for some years previously.

    So I jumped on it. In my case the description "wind tunnel" was more than apt. I haven't had a machine that noisy since the time when I thought overclocking AMD Athlon's was a hoot.
    Anyway, I switched all critical fans (CPU and PSU), added some resonance-damping padding and the noise level is way down. Thanks to "nap", the CPU temperatures are acceptable (39C idle; 52C load) (25C ambient).

    I made sure that the fans i installed into the PSU had comparable CFM's, but I'm slightly worried that the PSU might be running hot. Honestly, I did not test the PSU temps under continued load before the modification, but the exterior of the PSU is uncomfortably warm. I might further mod this...

    Next stage, I got a Sonnet Sata-card and attached two 2TB- slow-spinning drives to it (software raid 1)

    Eventually the machine is to be placed inside a biggish (2m3) cupboard with external ventilation (thus further mitigating noise). The cabling is already there

    Now as the basic setting-up stage is nearing completion, I'm starting to wonder, If I should not have gone for a lower-end G5 in stead (SP 1,6-1,8).
    Considering that the biggest cost is in the large drives, I am still able to switch horses without much of a (financial) pain.

    Specifically I'd like to hear of experiences with running a PM G4 or G5 on a 24/7 -basis.

    Also one thing which interests me is the power consumption-aspect: Which one uses more watts?

    And please, share anything you feel might be of interest.

    Thanks in advance.
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    It will be more than enough, my server is run on a 1Ghz DP Xserve g4 (which i believe is based on the MDD) and i run a bit more than you are saying (2xHTTP, FTP, Wired, KDX, AFP, SMB, Torrents [Using both transmission and utorrent]).

    I did also used to run it on a 400mhz sawtooth (was just AFP, HTTP, FTP & wired back then) and that ran fine also

    (p.s. if you think the MDD is loud, try a xserve it's like putting your ear up to a jet engine :) )

    Imo a G5 would be excessive for what you want to do, a dual G4 will be more than enough
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    Aug 16, 2012
    Well I don't use it as a server but my 1.6 GHz PowerMac G5 runs 24/7 and I use it as my main computer. It is extremely stable and would make a great server. Only times I have restarted my PowerMac is when a program installation has required it and it has never locked up or let me down. So I can make a vote for lower end G5. And I picked up my system for only 50 bucks, so you can get them on the low. :D:apple::D

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