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More Supposed iPod video pics...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by mrgreen4242, Feb 23, 2006.

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    Wow. Whoever did that is really good at Photoshop, unless it's real.
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    Orlando Furioso

    I'm not so sure, but I think the colored bars are too bright. Definitely Photoshopped. And hasn't this picture been shown before? They are all starting to look really similar.
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    I'm not sure if it's been posted before... apologies if it has. It was new to me! :)

    I agree that the bars do look a bit bright, on the other hand cheap CCDs in cell phones and whatnot often get over exposed very easily when they are aimed at any light source (I had trouble getting a picture of a lit up pumkin if the agle I was shooting from exposed the candle through a hole at all, for example).

    Still, looks like it'd be a cool piece of hardware... ~7" widescreen, no buttons so I assume touch screen, fairly thin looking...
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    just a thought...

    If we're to control this thing by touch-screen, aren't we gonna scratch the hell out of it?

    Maybe that screen needs to be proper scratch resistant or something. Please bring back FW support!!

    iTunes + Movies + new iPod + possible Intel iBooks and Mac Mini's.

    Apple's share price is going to soar!

    Just make sure the screens stay gorgeous after months of use Apple!
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    I've been trying to figure out why iPod screens get so mangled. I had a Dell Axim for about a year, never used a screen protector, and just used the cheap-o case it came with. Not a scratch on the thing, and I used the stylus and my finger about equally. Shouldn't be hard to make a touchscreen that doesn't get scratched up when used normally, everyone else seems to manage.
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    Wow, I am definitely feeling this. Looks extremely familiar to the insider pics taken of the 5th Gen iPod. I am going to have faith in this and start scrounging together my money.
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    The color bars look a little wonky to me. The purple one looks kinda realistic (notice the pattern) as well as some of the grayscale ones, but those color bars to the left are all too uniform in color to be taken from an ipod screen. However, the rest looks authentic. Maybe the color bars were added to protect the identity of the poster. Perhaps there was something on that screen that would have given him away.
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    Its VERY good if its fake.......... Look at the bottom left of the screen, at the white bar - it looks like its reflecting on the white plastic.

    And as a previous poster said, the picture itself looks identical to the leaked 5G video iPod image.
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    I thought that too, but just as something to think about: look at the sticker on the face closely... you can see a little bit of the aqua bar under the sticker. Good photoshoppery or real, only time will tell!
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    Can anyone translate the Chinese on the cardboard thingy covering the connector?
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    I'm no expert, but I believe it says:
    "Me Chinese, me play joke. Me put pee-pee in your coke!"

    I have a feeling that this thing is legit.
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    It's a fake.

    Look at the top left hand corner of the screen and you'll notice sharp delineations in the digital trickery.

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    Thinking about it....can anyone find the image that was leaked before the 5G iPod came out.. perhaps this is a altered version of that picture.
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    That does look suspicious... I'm suprised that if this is fake they did just a good job with the reflections and the paper being slightly transparent, yet botched that.
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    This is all I could find. Looks nothing like the latest picture... FWIW

    My opinion: Either REALLY good fake or it's the real deal. The bright white glare looks too real in the lower left and upper right of the screen. I'd like to know what that tag says (and the date-stamp that's clearly covered by the black scribbles in the lower right). Call me a sucker, I just talked myself into believing. :rolleyes:

    edit: bluemonkey beat me to it. <shakes fist in air>
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    Hmm your right, completely different. But it does have the barcode and the marker pen. Someone probably took inspiration from the 5G picture.
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    Took inspiration... or that's just the way factory inspections are done. :confused:
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    could it be?
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    I would bet someone enough money to buy one of these things that it's real. Just believe it.
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    I'm no forensic digital image expert, but that looks like it could be the result of unlucky JPEG compression, no? If you put a sharp contrast edge near one of the DCT block boundaries I think you will get this kind of effect.

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    Ya, that's sort of what I was thinking (this looks like a cell phone pic, so crappy sensor and generally use a pretty high level of crappy JPEG encoding), but I didn't know enough to say anything and figured someone more enlightened than I would mention it.

    Not if only this was going to be $300 or less. :( I can't afford a new $500+ toy, unless it can replace my (Mac) mini...
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    LOL. If I am reading the part number on the sticky correctly M8719Z/A it appears to be that of OS X Server 10.2 M8719Z/A. Check Google.

    So maybe it's the media server some have been hoping for. ;)

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    I think it's MB719Z/A rather than M8

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