Morris Lessmore Is A Magical and Revolutionary iPad Book

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Steve Jobs may have been dreaming of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore when he introduced the iPad as a "magical and revolutionary" device.

    Morris Lessmore is a charming interactive iPad book that follows the journey of Morris and his flying books as they travel through a world of words. But, rather than simply following along or watching illustrations, the app includes enough mini-games and other interactivity to engross any reader.

    The book is a companion to the short film of the same name, "a story of people who devote their lives to books and books who return the favor." Both the book and the app were created by Moonbot Studios, led by ex-Pixar animator William Joyce.

    The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is available as an iPad App for $4.99 [iTunes] and as a short film for $1.99 [iTunes].

    Article Link: Morris Lessmore Is A Magical and Revolutionary Children's Book
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    Sep 26, 2008
    Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

    I bought this book for my kids this morning, they LOVE it and can't put my iPad down! It's a magical story that kids really cling to.

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    I usually like most of the posts here. I don't have a problem with general industry news as it relates even randomly to Apple.

    I think this interactive book is great. I have it for my iPad.

    But two things
    1. David Pogue and others wrote (in depth) about this app long ago.
    2. This is seems more like product placement than it does news. Is macrumors getting paid for this post?
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    Old news but good news

    While this post is a bit dated, it's still good content. I'm guessing that the poster picked it off the wire since the company that created it was recently featured with an award in the their home state of Louisiana and just this week were with the Governor of the state when he signed an updated tax credit bill focused on game and digital media developers. Both Moonbot and Twin Engine Labs reside here in Shreveport, LA. Fast Company's, "Fast Design" blog posted a similar article this week about the app so I know that some more recent press releases have been going out about the 2 companies and their awesome app. I'm more than proud that these designs are coming from groups in my backyard! Now if we could only get an Apple Store! (sigh)
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    Looks very cool with amazing art and animation, but I don't see what's so "revolutionary" about it. This may be nicer than earlier examples, but there were apps/books doing this same thing almost twenty years ago.
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    I doubt they are getting paid. I think this is just highlighting a unique ebook that does things that others don't at the moment.
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    Jun 2, 2011
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    I dearly hope you're trolling.
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    I am not. I think your post was stupid.
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    Thinking it is stupid is very different from impugning my and MacRumors' integrity by insinuating that it was a paid placement.

    By your own admission, it's a cool app! So, we wrote about it. I, for one, hadn't heard about it until today.
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    Then you need to spend more time covering the industry on which you are supposed to be reporting.

    And if you don't want people to think that you are posting these as paid placements you may want to re-think how you cover this kind of stuff. I wasn't insinuating anything. It was a legitimate question. A lot of changes have recently happened here at macrumors.
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    well this one is news to me, but thank for posting it.

    dloaded it today. my 7 yr old needs to be reading and this will be challenging and interactive.

    btw, this is ironic too. I had to move my home office around and moved a bookshelf which is full of Star Wars (yes, i'm a geek) novels. hardcovers and soft. Also has the LORT books. My 10 yr has read a few of them and wants to read more.

    As they were putting the books back on the shelf, I was thinking, "I wonder if they'll continue to read as much as I do.....or, in what format?"

    On one hand, I've always thought it would be neat to have sound effects and voiceovers and/or interaction, but on the other hand, it's nice to immerse oneself and have your own imagination take over.

    interesting times...

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    Sep 20, 2006
    Aussie living in Canada
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    If you look at a post on MacRumors and it doesn't say "Sponsored By" then it isn't a paid placement.

    Period. End of story.
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    Around the World
    interesting thoughts ... :)
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    See, it is magical!

    I've been umming and ahhing about getting an iPad and i've tried to justify the reason for getting one being that my son would love it. He's only 15 Months so its sounds like a ridiculous statement but he has started to really like my iphone and making the screen move about with his fingers.

    My bro came over from OZ and had the Toy Story App on his iPad and whilst that was amazing itself i think this app takes it to the next level.

    I'm going to have to cave and get one for my Birthday in August. (depending on how strong teh rumours are for the 3rd gen iPad release date) :)

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