Moshi Clearguard + Palmguard + Trackguard MBA 11

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by runtohell121, Aug 7, 2011.

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    Mar 12, 2010
    I recently bought the Moshi Clearguard + Palmguard + Trackguard for the MacBook Air 2011 and I would want to share my first impression on it.

    The clearguard when typing, it feels a bit rubbery and slides off a bit but you'll get used to it later on. It protects the keyboard from getting dirty (main point of having it), fits perfectly (2010/2011 works).

    The palmguard just feels like a piece of plastic feel to it, no more aluminum cold feeling. It protects it from oil I guess? It's visible as you can see in the picture but as long as you don't mind, it's a good product to protect the palm area of the MacBook Air.

    The trackguard, one thing I dislike is that it makes the trackpad slightly less responsive when tapping. When moving the cursor, it probably takes a few strokes to get it across the screen unlike if it was unprotective, it would be smooth. But again, it's just protects it from oil, dirt, etc. and keeping it clean as possible under the protective layer.

    Installation: The clearguard (keyboard) just put it on top of it, easy to remove, doesn't really stick. The palmguard + trackguard, you'll have to have some practice to make it align straight and perfect. Just like applying a screen protector, take your time.

    Here are some pictures below:



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    Jul 21, 2011
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    I have both - nice to use, easy to set-up. I'm a little worried about the Clearguard when fan is running high though (ie. when I have MBA hooked to 25 inch monitor running more intensive programs/HD streaming), so I currently remove the Clearguard during those times when I see heat go above 70 celsius. Probably being too worried, heh.

    It's decent to type on (takes some getting used to) and Palmguard feels ok. Like runtohell121 says, you do loose some trackpad sensitivity though.


    Word of caution to any new buyers, be careful when you place the trackpad cover. The palmguard is easy to remove and replace again, but I ended up bending a little bit of the top right corner of the trackpad cover since I wasn't happy with my placement of it the first time. My fault, but yeah, need to be careful with putting it in, heh.
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    I love Palm Guard but never use the trackpad part. What's the point on these new machines? The trackpad is glass so it's unlikely to get marked by finger oil over time anyway.
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    they don't sell moshi in apple store do they? correct me if I'm wrong but i believe it is the clearest thinnest one of all the keyboard protectors right? and i don't think there is any other way to protect they keyboard from that oily look right?
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    This is true, but my OCD self smacked that sucker on there anyway.
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    They stopped selling it at the Apple Store. You can order it from Apple or any other online retailer. I bought the palmguard/trackguard off eBay and the clearguard from J&R

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