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Moshi Keygard...Cleaning Tips Needed...

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by JoelBC, Jan 11, 2013.

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    I have been using a Moshi keygard with my MBA for the past 2+ months and really like it as it does protect the keys in many ways...

    The one problem that I have is that it is starting to look cloudy / murky from the oil in my fingers...I have tried cleaning it with water but that does not work...would appreciate cleaning tips from those that have successfully cleaned one...

    With much thanks in advance,

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    I've tried lots of things including dish soap but what I found works best are pre-moistened alcohol wipes like the kind you buy for glasses. The alcohol is the only thing that seems to get rid of the cloudiness.
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    From Moshi's online store page:

    Cleaning Instructions:
    1. Apply some mild detergent (i.e. dish washing detergent) on a damp cloth
    2. Gently scrub ClearGuard back and forth with the cloth
    3. Rinse ClearGuard thoroughly with water
    4. Place ClearGuard on tissue paper and air dry naturally

    - Excessive force during cleaning may induce wrinkles/creases
    - Do not use soap to clean ClearGuard
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    Thanks to both...I will give it a go and report back...

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    going off Moshi for a cheaper grey coloured one

    I was given a cheap quality one when i brought my Mac Air and i thought to get a Moshi as ?? any way after a little while i noticed it went cloudy like.
    I tryed good quality glasses cleaner (helped a little) then soaked in dishwashing liquid before washing as i thought the cloudiness was due to dryness. Any way its still the same or little improvement.
    So now iv ordered a Grey coloured one on ebay in hope the coloured one will disguise the cloudy look.
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    Would you mind posting te link as I might consider giving it a try as the cloudiness came out of nowhere and is really starting to bug me...thanks in advance...

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    Sometimes lotion, or skin moisturizers can react on those covers causing it cloudiness.

    Try alcohol wipes if not dish washing liquid to get rid of all the oil, then a wash with distilled water and the pat dry...
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    I can never remove the cloudiness by cleaning it the way they instruct you to. If you use a toothbrush with soap to brush all the oil from the little ridges on it it will make it clear as new again. Which isnt that clear to begin with :D

    Soaking it in a solution of detergent and warm water for about 15-20 minutes also seems to help make it like new again.
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    I never use lotion meaning that it must be the oil in my skin...it does suck though...

    I will try yur method though it does seem like an awful lot of work...
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    Ya I can never get rid of the cloudiness. And when I do improve the look some what, it will be back within a week lol.
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    Im glad to see its not just mine that gets cloudy....I used to just scrub it with a paper towel and some water. I get tired of it and it looks really gross so once every 6 months i buy a new one. Not moshi brand but some other generic one on amazon for like 6.00 totally worth it. (my 1st one was a moshi but that one clouded up too)
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    I would try cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide wipes and then thoroughly washing it with water and drying. What is the worst that could happen? You gonna throw it away anyway.
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    Did it work for you? It isnt any more work than trying to uselessly use paper towels to wipe it. The only reason these stay cloudy is because of the ridges on them. It keeps the oil from your fingers stuck and a normal paper towel will not get in between the ridges. I think the soaking part helps separate the oil also.
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    Yeah, the cloudiness seems to be ever present. Since the Moshi is one of the more expensive keyboard covers, you would think they could come up with a way to make it less of an oil magnet.

    Interesting, while waiting for my moshi to dry, I am using the keyboard bare. Wow, it really is a nice keyboard. Unfortunately, I have seen firsthand how much damage a liquid spill can do. So, once the covers dries, back on my air it goes.
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    I love the feel of coverless keys.. but unfortunately I guess I have oily fingers, because I always get shiny keys. Good thing I am OCD and have had a moshi on every computer I have owned.
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    I have to share this story despite it being either irrelevant or not applicable to most if not everyone here.

    I had a keyboard cover since day 1 with my 2011 MBA 11". Exactly 2 months later, I had a glass of milk next to my MBA (I know) and I accidentally tipped it over and it spilled over my computer. Good thing I had a keyboard cover on, right? Nah, it just ran on/over the cover and towards the hinge and into the vents, resulting in the computer turning off by itself almost instantaneously. Luckily for me, I was able to use buyer protection with my AMEX to cover my $755 repair fee, but the lesson I learned from this is that keyboard covers are pretty useless if you're actually trying to prevent against liquid spills. Preventing crumbs, hair, dust from getting in? Keyboard covers do the job. But you would have to spill just enough liquid for it to remain on top of the cover and not spill over into the vents in the back, and I think everyone can agree that's pretty difficult to control and likely to occur.

    The best solution against liquid spills is always to put that cup a safe distance away from your computer.
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    Well, you may be right. However, the Moshi, at least, appears to be able to prevent liquid from getting in. I'm certainly not going to test it. So, whether using a cover or not, you need to keep liquids away from your laptops. Easier said than done...
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    I am going to try tonight as I was tied up with work most nights last week...I will let it air dry and see ho it looks in the morning...

    If you were truly OCD then the letters would be re-arranged to read CDO...that said, I am like you and want to keep my MBA pristine with no shiny keys...
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    Everybody has oily fingers. Maybe the cover won't protect against big liquid spills, but it will keep oil and other debris from getting either on or in your keyboard.

    Yeah, the coverless key feel is nice. Maybe, when I'm at the library or someplace that I will have either no food or drink, I'll get in the habit to remove it. We'll see...
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    Apologies for the late feedback / response but work has been hell lately...

    Late last night I finally had a chance to celan the Moshi keyguard...the thinking was that I would try the "least aggressive" method first and work my way up to the "most affressive" method until the keyguard was cliean...

    The first method involved dish soap and a spunge...I ran the keyguard under water, I next applied the dish soap and then I used the spunge to clean the keuguard as though I were washing dishes [i.e. somewhat vigourously]...I did this to both sides of the keyguard and then rinsed both sides of the keyguard thoroughly...holding up the keyguard to light indicated all the cloudy / murky fingerprints had been removed except a few spots that I either missed on the first pass or needed further touch up...

    The point -- keyguard + dish soap + spunge + elbow grease + patience = spotless and like new keyguard [i.e. I can not see any finger prints / smudges on the keyguard].

    With that, I hope that others have similarly satisfying results,

  21. starcclarke04, Feb 17, 2013
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    I do have acer laptop and got cleaning solution along with my laptop. It works well on keypad as well. I will share pics in next post

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