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Mossberg describes the benefits of Apple over Windows

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 10, 2005.

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    Tell us how you really feel :eek:

    A very thorough and complete pro-Mac article, especially considering it's short. It explains the reasons not to use Macs, and the reasons TO use them. One or two things sound misleading out of context, but not if you read the whole thing.
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    I wonder how much Apple is paying Mossberg.
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    Who need advertising with free press coverage like this?;)
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    Mossberg is the Thurrott of Macs. j/k, Thurrott suxors
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    No need to insult the guy! ;)

    Yes, I saw your j/k comment. Thurrot secretly wishes he was a Mac evangelist.

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    Insult the guy IF you can point out where's he being less than reasonable :) But he's not. He rounds up quite concisely the reasons for and against using Macs, and for many people the reasons FOR add up to a very strong and rational case.

    And he didn't always have nice things to say about Macs. His recommendations here are sound and unbiased. He's no Thurott :)
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    I'd only add one more reason why one might want to avoid Macs - if you have a specialized application to run.

    Where I work, we use a program called ARS to track our bug database and several other things. A few years back, they stopped making the Mac version of their client program, forcing Mac users to use web access to the system, which is not nearly as useful.

    Another example is the Microsoft Outlook calendar facility. As far as I know, nothing other than Outlook (which means nothing for Mac OS) can access calendars stored on an MS Exchange server. Mac users have to use the (very annoying) web interface.

    I also know of many companies that require users to run programs that were developed in-house. Which obviously won't be ported to Mac OS unless you're incredibly lucky enough to have an IT department with Mac programmers that are willing to port the program.

    And even if a Mac version exists, your employer may not buy you a copy. If your company has a site license for the Windows version, that license may not apply to the Mac version, meaning it will be an added expense beyond the cost of the computer.

    Of course, this is only applicable to those users that require specialized programs. I suspect a very large percentage of PC users never need anything more than MS Office and a web browser.
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    Love the reply:cool: :D ;)
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    Might have to pass this on to some people that could use some nuddging away from MS. The article is written very simple without a bunch of techno babble so non-techies can read and understand it and not feel like it is talking down to them. Actually, the article is like Apple's vision of providing intuitive interaction. :)
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    Actually, Mossberg DOES mention that reason in the article.
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    I thought this comment about security was actually pretty reasonable
    "Q: Are Macs more secure than Windows PCs?
    The Mac isn't invulnerable, but it has better built-in security than Windows, and such a small market share that virus and spyware writers haven't targeted it yet. As a result, most Mac users have been able to dispense with running the morass of security software that Windows users must employ."

    It is not quite the lack of market share myth because Walt mentions the security of OS X keeping stuff out.

    Edit: This comment is also very true
    "Also, you should stick with Windows if your home computer choices are dictated by your company's IT department and the IT department is ignorant of or hostile to the Mac, as so many are. Although modern Macs are designed to access corporate Windows networks, and many do, if your IT department won't help you with the transition, it's not worth the headache to switch to the Mac."
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    Can't you just keep using the old version?
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    A minor counterexample. A specialized app I need for work already existed as linux compatible source, so I just compiled it. Voila instant Mac app. :)

    I haven't tried it myself, but doesn't Entourage wrap the web interface into something almost Outlook like? A previous coworker of mine seemed happy with it.

    If it wasn't for that fact, I would not have been able to convince my wife to buy the iBook. ;)

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    Great, now I'm being bombarded with subliminal messages on the MR forums. :rolleyes:
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    Not when my IT department upgrades the server, making it incompatible with old clients.

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