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most expensive app?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by philgilder, Jul 10, 2008.

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    whats the most expensive app youve seen? :p
    i saw foreflight mobile for £40, or $80
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    I saw one for something about health and it was a family pack. That app was $49.99.
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    It is called "My Life Record Family Edition".
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    ForeFlight Mobile is the most expensive. But, its $70, not $80.
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    damn! Who on earth would pay that much?!?!:eek:
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    I skipped over anything that had anything to do travel. LOL
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    i think its funny how there's a flashlight app that costs £1.50 or somethin, its just a blank white screen, granted theres one that costs money which gives you the option of a red screen so you preserve your night vision lol. theres also a free one.
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    well, its £40 here, which is $80
    but i know its not a direct conversion as apple sets the price, so $70 is the US price, and £40 is the UK equivalent according to apple...
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    what does it do

    OK so what does foreFlight Mobile ACTUALLY do?
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    That app sure is going to get some low reviews to price potentially...
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    Feature Highlights

    Aviation Weather
    ForeFlight provides continuously updated METARs, TAFs, and aviation weather imagery for thousands of airports and weather stations around the world.

    Routes and Distances
    Search for a series of airports to see distance and direction between them as well as any recently assigned ATC routes.

    Smart Search
    No need to tell ForeFlight what you seek - ForeFlight can figure out whether it's an airport, tail number, zip code, and more! And when it can't, you'll get a list of options to narrow the field!

    Automatic Favorites
    ForeFlight automatically saves your recent airports, weather, and routes so you can find them on the recents view easily later. It's all part of our goal to minimize the number of taps it takes to get to the info you need!

    Using native iPhone controls, ForeFlight Mobile delivers a familiar experience. It's easy-going and easy on the eyes.

    No Login
    ForeFlight registers your device so you never have to log in. No passwords to remember. Just open and plan.

    Location Aware
    ForeFlight Mobile has a brand new "near me" view that lists nearby airports and weather stations as well as radar imagery centered around your current location TFRs, NOTAMs, and Winds Aloft

    Check the fuel. Kick the tires. Verify flight controls. Pull up the latest TFRs, NOTAMs, and winds. Your preflight just got smarter.
    Airport and Aircraft Directory

    ForeFlight Mobile contains the entire FAA database of airports and aircraft (and more) so you can get to the info you need, when you need it.

    International Data

    ForeFlight goes global! ForeFlight Mobile unveils an international listing of airports, FBOs, hotels, transportation and more!

    Flight Plan Filing
    File new flight plans in under ten seconds and view your complete flight plan filing history. Detailed filing status reports immediately show whether or not the flight plan was accepted and help you quickly correct errors.
    Airport and Approach Diagrams

    ForeFlight Mobile provides approach plates for all U.S. instrument procedures as well as airport diagrams when available. And since it runs on the iPhone, a simple pinch or pull will handle all the zooming you need.

    AWOS/ASOS Direct Dial™
    Any phone number ForeFlight Mobile shows can be dialed with a simple tap. This makes it easy to listen in on your local automated weather station while driving to the airport!

    Step up to the most efficient way to plan a flight. All the data you need, neatly organized in one stop. Aspen.


    It looks like a piloting application.
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    But chances are if you're a pilot with your own private plane, you can afford that application. From what I see on the features page, it looks very useful if you're a pilot.
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    Agree, people need to understand there will be a complete set of niche/professional/enterprise apps that are very unique and useful to the small groups of people they are built for. Apparently the app in question lets you file your flight plan? cool!

    Imagine an app that a doctor would use- I dunno, either a medical reference or whatever doctors might use. I'm not sure doctors are expecting a 1.99 app.

    On the other had, a small game that millions of people will buy- well, that is your $10 or below app.
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    Some of the planned medical applications are going to be hundreds of dollars if I remember correctly, but to the people using them they will be worth it. Plus, apps that have a smaller market but are very useful to that market usually do cost more, they need to or the developers won't bother making them I guess.
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    netter anatomy is very useful and aint cheap at $40 USD.

    as for the flight weather info, that is extremely useful for pilots and those who travel via private air travel.

    as someone who regularly travels on emergency med flights, im considering both....
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    there's a dj mixer thing app for $149.99 US
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    theres an on the go business app that is 450 or 500 dollars.
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    Here's how you judge whether an app is too expensive: can you write your own version of that app for less than the developer is asking? (Assume that you're being paid at least minimum wage.)


  19. dr3
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    The most expensive ever is "I am rich", costing $999.99, (the most available for the app store), that basically does nothing.
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    Saw one in the business section called iRa pro for 899.99 it's for linking your security camera network to your iPhone and viewing all the feeds.
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    Before getting your Wi-Fi hacked, of course.:D
    But yeah, there are some professional apps that do cost a lot.
    And to the Professionals, it isn't much.

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