Most iPhone fans want devices for business use

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 10, 2007.

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    Annoys the hell out of me that I have to carry around my BlackBerry and my iPhone due to no real Exchange support. Hopefully that's addressed come February with the SDK.
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    Rodimus Prime

    I know I would like to see the iPhone be better for business use because right now it is pretty weak in that area. It will be something that will be a huge black market against it for when I replace my cell in the next few months and I am trying to decide what to replace it with.
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    I have been using mine for business since launch day, and it is adequate. At times, I so miss my Treo and/or PPC, but the speed and efficiency of the iPhone makes it well worth it for me.

    Now, how about a da*m to-do list?@#!
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    SDK? February? care to elaborate
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    If they can figure out how to put the keyboard on the screen and make the app usable... (editing a word document is different that reading the internet in safari and only having the keyboard up some of the time...)
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    Ha...I can't tell if you are kidding or not! In case you aren't, Apple announced a few weeks ago that they would be releasing an SDK in Feb. for third parties. Not many other details were released.
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    lol i was like SDK... what is that... now i get it software development kit... :eek:
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    I replaced mine with a Blackberry Pearl - and after being with the iPhone for three months, it's been an awesome change. :D
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    For most business uses that don't need and e-mail as soon as it arrives and iPhone is fine, just allow imap or pop3 on exchange and e-mail will be delivered every 15 minutes.
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    yeah, i'll go ahead and have my system admin do that right away! :rolleyes:
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    Anytime I feel like reading an anti-Apple hit piece, the website never disappoints. This time they are flat out claiming that the iPhone is "unsanctioned" by corporate IT staff. How insightful. I am shocked... SHOCKED! That the people who are the most anti-Apple, due to their livelihoods depending on M$, are telling people to stay away from the iPhone.

    I think Computerworld New Zealand needs a reality check. The iPhone will rule much the same way the iPod does and standing in its way is a good plan only if you want to be run over by the Apple steamroller.
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    It is by mine. A couple weeks after the iPhone was released, my IT department sent out a message to make sure we didn't expect the iPhone to sync with our exchange email like blackberries and other smartphones do. I knew it wouldn't work, but I also don't need my email everywhere I go and wanted the iPhone for personal usage. It was a bonus when I was able to sync my Outlook Calendar and Contacts, but it's definitely "unsanctioned" here and probably many other companies.
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    Exchange support is a philosophical issue more than a technical issue. Apple has zero interest in using the iPhone to prop up proprietary standards, which is why you don't see support for Exchange/MAPI or Flash. Instead, they're trying to put their weight behind open-source substitutes: CalDAV for calendaring, and Push IMAP for push email (wasn't Yahoo! Mail supposed to support that on the iPhone?).

    Nevertheless, I'm sure there will be third party solutions for MAPI available when the SDK rolls out. It's galling that "business-ready" is a synonym for "Exchange-ready", and that really needs to change -- the entire computing and wireless communications industries will benefit from breaking Microsoft's stranglehold in this area.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Do not bash IT guys. It is not the fact there job depends on M$. One thing M$ does that apple sucks at doing for the IT is they do bend over backwards to help them out and offer a lot of things apple does not but that beside the point. Apple does not offer the business solution and apps M$ does
    IT guys jobs is to be overly careful about anything new. Did you see the list of reason why corp IT guys do not like it. Most it not because it is apple but because they can not lock it down if need to and it does not allow support for some things used in business.

    is that is the exact reason why the iPhone will suck for the business side for me. I know having access to my email as soon as it arrives compared to a 15 min delay could cost thousands of dollars because of the delay.

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