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Motley Fool proven wrong by Apple's earnings

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 13, 2005.

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    Wow! Hell must have frozen over. That's one critic more with good things to say.
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    Ya gotta give 'im credit...

    From the article:
    Well Seth, you can't be the first, but I'll give you credit for admitting when you're wrong.

    And double points for having a good sence of humor about it:

    From the article:
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    First Thurott (sp?) then this guy. Then my Dad last night (a devoted anti-Mac and life-long windows user) announced that he was getting a mini mac immediately to see "if it works as good as my iPod". Wow. Maybe eventually my Dad will get a black turtleneck and VW like this guy. Such a good time to be a Mac user.
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    I was very impressed with his backflip. Not many people in this day and age admit that they were wrong.
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    I like this guy's attitude. He was proven wrong and didn't throw a hissy-fit like that Bill Palmer guy who is fuming about being dead wrong about the Mac mini.
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    I guess I can respect him more for being forthcoming.
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    I still think this guy is a world-class asshat, minus the class. Tomorrow he'll be dissing Apple again.
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    No, fair play to him for having the integrity to admit he was wrong, and with a sense of humour.
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    First Dvorak, then Thurott, then this guy. ;) Hell hath truly frozen over. Up next... Rob Enderle?

    And Palmer is a Mac lover! The world has truly gone mad.

    (What is Bill's problem though? I don't plan on buying a mini after closer inspection, but I already know a ton of people who will. It's intended audience will love it. This is no Cube.)

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