Moto V710 and V551 reviews please!!

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    So, I am getting a cell phone as a graduation gift from 8th grade!!

    It needs to be cheap, however, but good, so I decided on Motorolla's V710 camera/bluetooth phone by Verizon, or Moto's V551 camera phone from cingular. The V710 is $150 and the v551 is $100

    I want reviews from people who have it, or just comments.

    I would really want the V710, but I just found out that Verizon actually takes the time to block off bluetooth stuff - I cant get pictures from my phone to computer with it!

    SO, I'm really leaning towards the V551...
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    Laslo Panaflex

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    I'm a windows user so that doesn't effect me YET...
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    I have the V551 with Cingular and the phone rocks. I love it. I actually lost my original one a few months back and had to get the same one because it's just a great phone. I only have 3 complaints with the phone, one of them is just with Motorola phones in general. The 2 complaints with the phone are the silver case scratches easily, so don't keep your keys by the phone (especially in the same pocket). The second is there is only 1 game to play and there is no way to turn the sound off on it. The third complaint is that on all my past motorola Vxxx phones i have gradually lost volume that comes out of the earpiece on the handset. I don't know why, the people at the stores tell me it's just a motorola thing, but it's not that bad, the good features outweigh the bad ones. I think the 2 best features on the phone is Bluetooth and it's simpleness to hook up to macs. The second is the ability to keep speakerphone on when dialing. The menus are easy to use and the phone never has problems. I highly recommend the V551.
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    My wife just got the V330 (T-Mobile) which is very similar, if not the same, as the V551. It's a great phone. Takes great pictures. Reception is good.
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    Can you download games?
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    I've had the V710 since it came out in August. It's a great phone, but you have to really mess around with it to get it to do what you want. The Bluetooth is crippled, but file transfers do work via Bluetooth with Motorola's MPT program on Windows. Only hitch is you have to do a seem edit (hack) on the phone to get it to work. Also, you can get a transflash memory card that you can use to transfer pictures to your computer. You can also use MP3 ringtones from your computer, but again, you need to do a seem edit. Picture transfers work without any hacking.

    The camera is horrible. Don't plan on taking any serious pictures. It's a 1.2 MP camera, but it has to be the worst quality camera I've seen anywhere, period. I use it regularly, but am always dissapointed with the photos. As for other features, I use the phone as an MP3 player. I've got a 128 MB transflash card (going to get a 512 MB card in a month or so) which I fill up with tunes. I use a normal pair of Sony Earbud headphones, and the sound is in stereo (you just need a cheap adaptor to use normal headphones). You can also watch movies and TV shows on it (MP4 format). I've actually put a full length DVD on it. While it's not really practical, it was cool to do.

    The internal screen is gorgeous. Large active matrix transfective. Readable in daylight. The external screen is a reflective passive matrix screen, so it's super readable in daylight. It's also one of the largest external screens around, which makes it easy to use as a clock (big numbers).

    The voice dial works really well. You don't need to train it, and it does digit dialing too. I've found it to be very reliable. Also, the speakerphone is loud and clear. Battery life is so-so. I find I need to recharge it everyday, but that doesn't bother me. The phone is a little large, but it fits well in my pocket. I think it's fairly attractive too.

    Syncing works well too. On Windows, you can sync via cable or Bluetooth with the Motorola MPT software. USB cable syncing is the only supported means on OS X, but there's a hack you can do to iSync to make it sync over Bluetooth. I've gotten it to work, but contact syncing over BT with iSync isn't reliable. I also use the Bluetooth to go online with my PB on Verizon's 1xRTT high speed data network. It's about as fast as dialup, but it's great when you need to get online in a pinch.

    As for games, you have to turn to hacking again. A few weeks, java was hacked on the phone, so you can run Java games. It's a pain to get this stuff working though, and there's the risk you can damage your phone doing all these hacks. Many people have successfully gotten these things working though. I've reflashed and seem edited my phone many times. My point is, you can do pretty much anything with this phone, but it takes time and patience.

    I don't know how well Cingular's service is, but I know Verizon's is excellent. I've been with them for three years and travelled all around the country. I've never been dissapointed with their service. In the end, I think it comes down to service. I believe you have two weeks or so with either carrier to test out the service before becoming committed to the contract, so be sure to take advantage of that.
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    hey thanks for asking the question for me, i have a nextel i730 through the company i work for, but im gonna be making a switch in the next couple weeks. i was looking at the v551 and it somehow didt occur to me that it had bluetooth. so keep the reviews coming so i learn something else.
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    I made the thread and decided on the V551 after I read the first review...

    But to help with everyone who reads this, unless you have already used it, DON'T USE VERIZON WIRELESS!

    My mom has a big, $50/month plan and she got over $200 in extra fees and she hardly uses her phone.

    My dad pays about $70/month without including internet, etc. Close to $100/month just for ONE PHONE.

    Also, based on the "crippled bluetooth" thing... that totally turned me off.

    Also, Cingular has the best area now that they are Cingular AND AT&T
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    Of course, or you could transfer games/movies/music through bluetooth for free.
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    Or USB?
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    Yes, you can do it that way too. It;s just easier with Bluetooth because you don't have to deal with the wire and all the annoying programs that need to be installed to do data transfers.

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