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Motorola falls from ranks of top ten chipmakers based on sales

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Cubeboy, Jul 25, 2003.

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    Looks like nearly all the major desktop/server/workstation chip makers are suffering from some financial troubles, first, IBM and AMD slid down the ranks and now Motorola has dropped off the charts. Could it be that the consumers just aren't buying that many desktop computers anymore?
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    Moto has been on the decline, they didn't try to stop it, they kept sucking, and failed to make the G5 work.

    They failed.

    IBM pwned them.
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    maybe they will now try to ake better chips, and give us faster macs:)
    even though i still don't get why a company that makes cell phones is making processors for computers:rolleyes: :confused:
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    I don't think that's very fair. They tried to stop it, they just did a terrible job! :)
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    Motorola has only recently fallen from the top? Wow, how did they fool people into thinking they're the best for so long? :p

    I hope Motorola falls from the top..........of a building. And if there is a Mr. Motorola controlling the entire organization, I hope he falls off the same building, but in slow motion..........slow like our G4's.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    while it is true motorola's lack of progress has screwed apple for the past 2 years, a 7457 in the ibooks & imacs is still a move up and should make for nice consumer machines. Heck the 7455 at decent clocks isnt bad at all and all the current 1 gig machines & up are solid offerings. Add 167 busses and g4's @ up to 1.5 gigs and those machines will do very nice. Anyways cpu makers have to keep pushing the envelope and motorola was not so hence their current position.
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    Hopefully Motorola can rebuild, they may have a chance with the improving economy. They need to decide what there niche is and concentrate on a goal!
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    Motorola still does a lot outside of it's association with Apple, they just didn't make it on the G5 front.

    They should stick to communications...where they belong ;)
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    They made the 'original 'G5' and they failed, not the 970, it was going great, and then hit a major glitch.

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    i can't remeber back then. what was the glitch?
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    My first cellphone was a motorola, sorry to say, that was the worst piece of cr** I have ever owned, and believe me, i work with Windows so i can take a fair share of pooly designed stuff

    Ahh well, some companies just don't have enough to survive
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    1. was that there was a design flaw that would take somewhere near 6 months to redesign around
    2. They weren't able to mass produce it effectively.

    They saw that it would be hard to go from almost scratch so they killed the project.


    Atleast we have the 970 now.
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    i still can't remeber it. hmm. it was probably when i was away fronm technology for a while.

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