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Motorola WPCI810G instal

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by JMStC, Jun 30, 2010.

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    So I was told to buy a Motorola WPCI810G wireless PCI addapter card becouse it works well in the G3. I was told that my mac will think it is a AirPort card and it give good results.

    So I found the last one on Ebay and I put it into my computer, what do I do from there? I tried to reset with the programers button but I don't realy know what to do from there.

    Any tips would be helpfull.

    Thanx, JMStC
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    It should not need any drivers if it is recognised as a Airport Card - all you need is the AirPort software installed in Mac OS 9, or any version of OS X. If its been detected it should appear in the Apple Menu on bootup (OS X only) and then you can connect it to a network.
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    The card is not detected. How can I get it to show on the Apple menu? And the instalation disk is not formated for Mac.:(
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    I'm starting to think my PCI card is bad. The Airport won't turn on and the card is not detected. I gues I'll have to order an Airport card.:mad: I don't know how the Airport card works, will it be plug and play?


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