Motorstorm vs. Excite Truck

Discussion in 'Games' started by fiercetiger224, Mar 23, 2007.

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    error page not found..

    I guess no-one. ;)
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    Works just fine for me, just as it did yesterday.
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    Hmm...Works for me.

    Try this: Here!
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    Ahh I see. I guess there's no Twitchguru in the UK eh? Just Tom's Hardware. In any case, I haven't played Excite Truck yet. So I can't compare the two. But I love my Motorstorm! :D
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    MotorStorm does something cool I noticed the other day. Anyone notice the two-tone paint jobs? As light reflects off the car at different angles it can show a completely different color. You can see this in the vehicle selection screen for some vehicles if you look straight down on them.
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    I own, and like, both of these games. Once you get past the obvious observation that they are both off-road arcade racers, there's not much more validity to a head-to-head comparison than there is to comparing Ridge Racer and NFS:Carbon, both of which feature really shiny cars racing on roads.
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    i have a Wii and love it and i am wanting to drop 600 dollars on a PS3 more and more but am having a really hard time deciding between a new mac when Leopard hits (and hopefully new hardware)-- or a PS3.
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    Didn't see that coming! No really, seems that nobody likes Excite Truck from what I've heard on the forums.

    Music in Excite Truck is awful. But I suppose that's a premature judgement as I've only heard a single track on it, ever since day 1 I've been using a spare SD card loaded with MP3s. We Didn't Start the Fire and Tubthumping go very well with this :p and that strange Doctor Who/Holiday mix too...
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    ...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight *walks away slowly*
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    Oh, it gets worse :D from memory-

    Hey Mickey (original, forgot who sang it)
    Chumbawamba - Le Tubthumping (french!)
    F-Zero GX- Mute City
    The Proclaimers - I would walk 500 miles (I liked it BEFORE Red Nose :p )
    Yello - The Race and Oh yea
    Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire and Uptown Girl
    Scooter - Level One (Turrican remix :eek: nice one Scooter)
    David Hasselhoff - Jump in my Car
    Toto something - I eat Cannibals
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    dude....that is causing me some physical pain just reading that horrible list of songs, I'm sorry but..ow... :eek:
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    Motorstorm only got an 8.0 in the latest issue of GameInformer, which is the same as it got in Famitsu when it was released in Japan *WITHOUT* online play. Apparently, Motorstorm isn't that great in spite of what all the Sony fanboys say, even when the online factor is taken into consideration. Does anyone remember how hyped State of Emergency was before it came out?? A week after release and nobody wanted to play it anymore because it was so mind numbingly boring. It dropped into the $9.99 or less bins pretty quick. I think Motorstorm will do the same. Sega Rally and Colin McRae: Dirt are better off roaders anyway.
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    Shhhh! Careful Jimmi! You know mentioning any David Hasselhoff song in this forum can get you banned:eek:
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    It got a ton of 9+ reviews and one 8.0 so that makes it a bad game? :rolleyes:

    I think it's great but I wish there were more tracks and split screen play. A poster in another thread mentioned that a racing game without split screen is worthless and I agree!

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