Mount for treadmill?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Oceanhut, Feb 13, 2011.

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    Hello all!

    Has anyone had any luck finding a mount that would work with a treadmill? I guess it would have to have some type of clamp for a tubular bar. Ive been searching, but can't find anything

    Thanks in advance!
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    Not too sure about mounts. But I have seen racks/holders for books, iPods, etc and I don't see why an iPad cant be used with it either.

    Check amazon.
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    I use the official apple iPad case when I'm on the treadmill. Open it up, flip it to landscape mode and lay it over the back of the treadmill.

    When I'm running 5-7 mph it's ok but 9+ it starts to fall off. I'm going to try and get some velcro to help it stay on better! :D
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    Go YouTube iPad+Velcro=love. Just get a snap on hard case and Velcro and your set I've got spots all over the house including the tredmill works like a charm.
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    That's a great idea. Thanks guys
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    Still looking for a treadmill mount?

    I actually am looking a mount to mount my ipad on a vertically standing tubular bar, I came across this one (which might work for me, still trying to find more product information on it somewhere...)

    One of the reviewers is using it with his treadmill, and he says it's working perfect. So I thought that might be of help to you.
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    buy a clip on plastic back from ebay - get some "3M dual lock" - stronger and better than Velcro - one piece on back, one piece on TM:
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