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Mountain Lion on iMac

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by TyWahn, Jun 8, 2013.

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    I currently have 10.7.5 on my iMac (Early 2008).
    I upgraded my MBP to 10.8 when it came out last summer.
    I want to upgrade my iMac (finally). Is there a way to do this without paying another $20? Am I allowed to do this? Both computers are linked to the same iTunes/iCloud account.
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    Just open App Store and update.
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    Dark Dragoon

    Question: "Can I use apps from the Mac App Store on more than one computer?"
    Answer: "Apps from the Mac App Store may be used on any Macs that you own or control for your personal use."

    So as Julien says, open up the App Store and install Mountain Lion (and/or any other apps you've bought from the Mac App Store).
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    It doesn't say "Update" it says "$19.99"
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    Did you look at your purchases? Mountain Lion should be listed there.
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    Make the sure the iMac is logged in to the App Store with the same AppleID as the MBP. If you bought ML on the MBP with your AppleID, it should be on your purchases list.

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