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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by risk235, Apr 26, 2013.

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    I hate to start a new thread but I tried searching and still having problems with my wifi. I will be online and my data quits working. It still shows that I'm connected to my network full strength just have no data. I have to disconnect then reconnect to my wireless network for it to start working again. My iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and other devices work just fine. It's just my Mac mini that keeps having problems. I have tried the following:

    * use a static IP address
    * change the router channel
    * delete my wifi info in keychains
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    A shot in the dark (great cup of coffee at a local coffee shop..)...

    Try reinstalling your latest combo update? It's helped me with printer issues and software issues.
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    The Update suggestion from the above poster (mwhities) might work, but before you do you could move the next Folder to the desktop and then restart, if this does not work drag the folder back, overwriting the newer one.


    All network settings are reset after you do this.
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    Sorry a little new to Mac. I mostly used Windows. But how do you do that
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    Go to the Apple -> About this Mac. Under the OS X, you will see and number X.X.X. (Mine is Mountain Lion, so it's 10.8.3.)

    Go here:

    and look for the same X.X.X number. Download it and install it. Also, try running Software Updates first. Just incase you haven't updated. :)

    EDIT: Updated link and added SS.

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    Where did you get that screenshot from, not yours is it, 9 GB???

    Als, your sig says "Mid '10 White MB 2.4/16G RAM/128G SSD", how can this have 16 GB while Apple says 4 GB but actual is 8 GB Max????
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    Thanks for your responding mwhities. I just check and do have 10.8.3 also. What's the other method that justberry was talking about. I also want to add that my Mac mini has a fresh install of ML since one of my hard drives was failing and Apple store geniuses put in a new one.
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    Most people don't know, mwhities might also not be aware of this "fix".

    If you move that folder to the desktop and then restart it will reset all your network settings, when it restarts it will create a new Folder and the System network preferences are reset to default, this sometimes helps to resolve network problems.
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    I've done it once before but, I had forgotten about it.

    As the others stated, maybe try this first.
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    Excuse my ignorance but which folder. Sorry I'm a little new to this.
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    See below.

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    I thought deleting the folder had solved my problem. Well yesterday the same problem popped up again. I had no data even though I was connected to my wifi with full strength. I had to disable wifi and start it up again to get my data going. Don't know what else to do.
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    Too bad, next time try renewing DHCP leasing inside network preferences instead of a restart, might be easier than a restart.
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    I can't since I'm using a static IP address.
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    I had the same problem occasionally with my friend's belkin router

    Sometimes it would happen 1x per week, sometimes 4 times per day, and sometimes my rMBP wouldn't connect at all after turning Wifi off and then back on. The problem generally resolved after a restart of the router, leading me to figure the Belkin router was just crappy. I've had zero issues on any other network. No problems so far now that I'm back home and using a Time Capsule.
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    If you are using 5g change to 2.4 and see if that works for you. My mac mini did the same thing until I started using 2.4. Good luck.

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