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mountain lion won't connect to windows 2000 server share

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by durija, Sep 25, 2012.

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    I have one computer at my workplace that was running Lion. It connected just fine to shares on a Windows 2000 Server box (via smb). I upgraded to Mountain Lion and cannot now connect to the shares. I'm looking for a fix.
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    ....And you will not get it back. Apple has removed SMB support for older windows operating systems like Win 2000. It's planned obselence.


    There have been a few fixes but they mostly require purchase of expensive 3rd party software. I myself, am still looking for a free solution to this problem.
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    Part of it is Microsoft Windows 2000 is pushing 13 years old in a production environment and Microsoft no longer supports it.

    So if Microsoft isn't supporting it any longer why should Apple?
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    I'm aware how ancient the technology is. Unfortunately, I'm forced to use it. I never said I expected support from Microsoft or Apple regarding this. I was just hoping someone with more technical skills than me had run into this and created a solution, preferably a free one, but I'd even pay a few bucks for something that worked. I'll continue with my workarounds for now, meaning more exercise, since I have to get up from one workstation and walk to another. Maybe I'll lose a couple of pounds.

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