Mountain Lion's Apple Mail (Signature issues)

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by OverSpun, Jul 28, 2012.

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    Does anyone else have an issue to turn off your signature for a single email?

    I click it back to "none" and my signature doesnt disappear like in Lion.

    I now have to manually erase my signature. Strange. I hope its fixed in 10.8.1. :eek:
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    Nope, mine works well. Select "none" and that's it
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    I essentially said that in my OP and it does NOT work. I have to manually erase it and it doesnt work.

    It doesn't work on new emails or responses if I want to remove my signature.
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    Signature Issues

    Same problem here. I had noticed it occasionally in Lion but now it is on every email.
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    I think it was like that on Lion sometimes too. But, its unbelievable on mountain.

    If I start an email that auto puts up the signature, I hit "none" and then I click back to the signature.. I get 2 signatures in a row. Just weird.

    At least I'm not the one one.
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    Mine defaults to None and I then have to select one (same as previous OS X's) . I do have 4 setup. If you only have 1 Signature then try setting up 2 Signatures and see what happens.

    EDIT: Just checked and if I select a Signature (it displays) and then select None it erases (disappears) so you may have a (semi) unique bug.
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    I think it only happens if you have the signature to be automatically included rather than selecting one after you have started a new email.
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    I just checked by adding an auto Signature and when I select none is disappears.
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    If the signature is just text it works fine but if I have an image or website link then it doesn't delete.
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    I do have a link in mine but no image.
  11. ianreid, Jul 30, 2012
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    Your right. I mustn't have tested in properly. The image is the problem.

    EDIT: create a second signature with the same image but saved as a png. After doing this both signatures work fine.
  12. alFR, Jul 30, 2012
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    On mine it works for new messages but not for replies: for replies I have to erase the autoinserted signature manually and if I select none then go back to the original signature I get 2 copies of it as detailed above. Interestingly the second copy will appear/disappear as it's supposed to, so it seems to be a glitch with the first signature automatically inserted when you start a reply. Signature is all text, no images.

    Edit: a further quick test confirms the link issue detailed above: it works for replies as well as long as there is no email address or website link in the signature, otherwise it doesn't work. Odd, but I guess anyone who gets an email from me has my address anyway so I can live without having it in there until they fix it. :)

    Edit 2: apparently it works as long as you don't have the email address formatted as:


    in the signature. Just the email address (i.e. no email: before it) seems to work fine. I truly have no idea what's going on now. :confused:
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    I see the bug only for a mail address with 2 different signatures.
    Start with the default signature, click none, signature doesn't clear. Choose a new signature, or even the default, get 2 signatures.
    If I start with no default signature, everything works
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    I did have an email address link in my signature but I didn't have "email:" before it. This is an odd bug.

    It's working for me now, though.
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    This was working for me perfectly fine until this morning. I have two accounts in my Mail app. Exchange and Gmail. The default account is Exchange which is setup with a standard address/email signature. The Gmail is setup with one that is empty. Before today, any new emails would open with my Exchange signature already input and if I switched the combo box over to my Gmail account, the Exchange signature would disappear and be replaced with my blank Gmail account one. Now the Exchange one doesn't disappear automatically. Very odd and frustrating.
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    Having same issue but when I go to compose new message my default signature appears when I change the account to send from different the old signature stays and the new one is placed below. So now I have two signatures. Pain! Help!
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    I have 6 emails and half of them don't have signatures. Besides- I think it doesn't matter between different email types, but its just a bug if they catch it early enough. Its not a real error or a crash, but I wonder how they'll be able to find it or how we can report it..?

    Pain? You can manually select the signature and deleting it but the signature pull down is just not working properly. Its just a small detail for now until its fixed for a fresh OS. :)
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    Mine functions as expected like this.
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    Reading this thread, and then checking my email I notice:

    - When a default signature is selected for an account, it will show when creating a new message
    - When creating a new message, signature is set to 'none', while it sets the default signature in the message body
    - When selecting a signature from the drop down in the new message, it will add it to the bottom, effectively adding a second signature
    - When selecting none in the drop down, it removes the second added signature while leaving in place the original.
    - Setting signature to random, it will show signature in the drop down of new message, but when set to none it will not remove it. When changing from none to signature, it will add a second signature again.

    This is clearly a bug, where a default signature can and will be added to a message, but the program not actually registering a signature is used and added to the message.
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    Images to demonstrate:

    New message, default signature

    Same message, signature changed to none

    Same message, signature added

    Same message, signature set to none again.
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    I am having the same problem precisely as detailed by Throttlemeister. I'm looking for a prefs file or plist to delete (likely culprit) and will report back here if I can figure something out.
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    I can confirm that the signatures were NOT fixed in the 10.8.1 update today. :(
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    No fix on 10.8.2 or the minimal update today.. :mad:

    I'm still manually deleting my signatures when its necessary... This should have been a simple fix by now. C'mon apple. :rolleyes:
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    Simple Fix

    I just upgraded to Mountain Lion and had this same problem with having to manually delete signatures. Also, I noticed that I had exact duplicates of both my signatures. (I assumed this latter issue was caused by iCloud syncing my two Macs to each other.)

    I fixed both problems at once by simply deleting all four signatures, then creating two new ones in the latest version of Mail, using the Signature tab in Preferences (no need to monkey around with plists).

    I just found an old Sent e-mail with the sigs I wanted to recreate and copied & pasted them into the window. They now both work perfectly, and when I select None, I get none.

    I guess Mail 6.1 doesn't play nicely with legacy signatures, but seems to works fine if you delete and rebuild them.

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