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Mouse on G5 IMac?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by akelakk, Mar 11, 2005.

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    It seems like there is trouble. The mouse is slow and jumps randomly(I think) to the bottom of the screen?

    can you help me?

    atle, Norway
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    There are a few things you could do:

    1. Plug and unplug mouse

    2 Check Mouse sensitivity in System Prefs

    3. Make sure it is clean on the bottom
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    Which mouse do you have? And if it's a bluetooth mouse, maybe the batteries need changing.

    If necessary, in system preference for "Keyboard & Mouse" you can change the tracking speed for the mouse if needed.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    When apple went from the Black pro mouse to the White pro mouse they lowered the quality. I have both and notice the old black one tracks more precisely and has a higher fps then the newer and cheaper white one. was disappointed. thought they were the same. all you can do is as Darwin says.
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    What kind of surface are you using it on?

    Some surfaces are hard for the mouse to scan.
  6. mpw

    As it's been said before clean your mouse's bottom and throw in new batteries if you're using BT (for some reason I've found that the same BT mouse uses batteries at a significantly quicker rate in my iMac than it did with my iBook last year?)

    Another thing might be the surface my desk at home is fine but at work the woodgrain is dark against a lighter wood and even when my optical mouse is still without even a hand resting on it the cursor will sometimes wander away across the screen.
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    ME toO!!

    My mouse is acting weird... same thing, stops responding, have to unplug whole keyboard... idk whats wrong i installed a few games and after that it isnt, i know theres a Kbase artilce on it but i dont wanna reinstall all my apps again to see which one!!! grr and now i cant play my unreal 2004 well!!! GRRR!! btw i have a 1GH 17 in iMac
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    One Apple mouse. have tried another one (Microsoft) but it was the same.

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    I agree.

    However, both the black Pro Mouse on my Sage G3 iMac and the mouse that shipped with my 17" iMac G4 (2003) are the same model, just a different color. The brandy new "Apple Mouse" (that's its name, it's no longer "Pro Mouse") is the newer; not as good one. I don't know the exact date the Pro Mouse was discontinued, but they look the same save for the undersides. :)
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    installing my wacom board seem to work.

    a, N
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    Have you tryed different surfaces? Describe what surface you are using it on. Shiny surfaces like glass for instance wont work well with any optical mice like the apple and microsoft versions.
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    only the tabletop. It is whitte and smooth.

    a, N
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    mad jew

    Could it be because of the different screen sizes - or more accurately the different resolutions! The curser has quite a bit further to travel on an iMac screen than an iBook screen...

    Unless it's a 15 inch iMac in which case my theory falls flat on its face. :eek:

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