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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ronjohn77845, May 13, 2010.

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    Has anyone found a means of displaying movie art for .dvdmedia or video_ts folders created by ripit? I have tried using img2incs app and it places the replaces the file image with the dvd image but when copied to a portable HD for play in a media player it does not show up in the media player menu (e.g. WD TV or Seagate Theater)
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    I could be completely wrong here as I don't own a WDTV, but try renaming your image to folder.jpg and just place it in the video_ts folder.
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    I have a question about how you change the movie jpeg file to folder.jpeg. Do you open the file click on information and then change the the name and extension window to folder.jpeg or is there another method of changing it to folder.jpeg
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    In Windows just right mouse click on the file and select rename.

    In OSX finder click once on the files icon to select it then press the Enter key and the filename should become editable.

    As I said in my post I don't have a WDTV so it might not even work:(

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