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Movie in Itunes won't show on ATV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by theslaz, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Running ATV version 3.01. Currently have over 800 movies that are showing on my ATV. Just added one more new one today that was converted by Handbrake to the proper format using the generic settings for ATV in Handbrake.
    Added the file to the proper directory on my portable Hard drive and than imported the movie to Itunes. It shows in Itunes and plays in Itunes. It does not show on my ATV!
    I redid the entire process a second time; with the same results. I restarted Itunes and I rebooted the ATV, both with negative results!

    What gives???
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    Can you play it in iTunes and send it to TV using airplay?
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    Using a good old PC! It plays in Itunes just fine; why I can't get it to show on my ATV is beyond me!
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    From A Buick 8

    What is the movie, could the something strange about the file name.
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    Little Fockers
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    What I am asking is: if you invoke playback directly from the ATV2 or from iTunes on your computer make any difference?
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    Not sure what you mean by "Invoke Playback"! I am playing movies on my ATV that are streaming from Itunes and I can play movies from within Itunes.
    I tried another tactic by syncing the movie to the ATV. Took a long time but was successful. Now it is showing in my ATV and does play on the Tv. I do not want to do my movies this way as I want each and everyone of them to stream.

    Need to find out what the problem is!
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    Had this problem a few weeks back. Had to unplug my atv to make it reload my library. Your sure you added it to your library using the menu? I always put my rips into the folder where my movies are, then add it to my library. Quicker this way but have forgotten to add to the library a few times. If it shows up with the rest of your movies in iTunes, then pretty sure powering off your ATV should do the trick.
  9. Bye Bye Baby, Feb 1, 2011
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    Bye Bye Baby

    I have had the same problem myself.

    Can be a number of causes:

    1. Wrong codec or container. You can have movies that play fine on your computer and show up in your iTunes library but do not on the ATV. It is because you have them transcoded in a format no recognised by the ATV.

    2. You need to reboot the ATV.

    3. You don't have the correct metadata. At times I have TV shows showing up as movies and vice versa. They are there, just misplaced.

    Hope that helps
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    I have had to reboot my ATV so many times over the past year; and because of that, I put a rocker/off/on switch on the cord. Yes I have rebooted several times in an attempt to correct this problem; with negative results.
    As for the correct metadata; I did check that and it is correctly listed as a movie.
    "transcoded in a format not recognised by the ATV." This is what I suspected; however, I converted two different downloads of this movie; once using the default settings of Handbrake and once using the "Apple" settings; both times with negative results.
    I did have the movie synced to my ATV; it does now show and does play. Am I not correct in assuming that it was converted using the proper settings????
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    I forgot to add. I will be trying another movie ( The Tourist )today. I will see what success I have with that and will post!
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    I do the same as you. Convert the movie; place it in the correct folder on my hard drive and than add it to Itunes via the menu of Itunes. It is showing in Itunes and it does play via Itunes. Just won't play via the ATV!!! And I have rebooted the ATV several times and shut down and restarted Itunes several times; all with negative results.
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    Tried adding two movies today; they would not show in the ATV. My next test will be to go to the directory of my movies and rename one of the movies that does show; add it to Itunes and see if it will show in the ATV.
    This is weird!!!
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    Tried something I really didn't want to do. Disconnected my Itunes Library from the ATV and reconnected. The said movies showed. Now I've lost all 12600 photos that I had synced. Not happy!!!!

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