Movie Organization without ripping.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by VCD20, Feb 7, 2008.

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    I have over 200 movies that have not been ripped. I am looking for a way to organize them so I can view them in ATV. Is there a way to put up the artwork in ATV without having the actual movie mp4 there. May sound stupid but it would be nice for me to be able to view my content instead of having to go through searching for the movie or a typed list.

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    Don't think so. ATV is a portal to the media you have stored on your computer, not a sort of "library" for physical titles. Without files, there's nothing to show.
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    Make a quicktime file from iMovie of black screen. Export it from iMovie so that it is very very small. Just a frame or two. Duplicate that file 200 times and rename it for each movie. Load those into the Movies part of iTunes and add the descriptions, artwork, etc. Then you have a catalog of essentially blank movies that take almost no space, but give you what you want.
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    So, I would get the artwork for each title, then organize them (Painfully) in aperture or iphoto. Turn on ATV go to the photos and select the movies (artwork) and view. Not very cool...
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    Roland, I think you got it!! I will give it a try.

    Thanks man.
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    Oh, if you just want to do it with iPhoto. You could put all the posters into iPhoto, and put them in albums by Genre. Then sync or stream the genre albums and view those. That doesn't sound as bad as the quicktime thing.
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    No, but it's also not what the ATV is designed to do, so... I mean, you can't really bemoan having to do some kind of workaround when what you want was never promised (or even hinted at) by the advertised capabilities of the device.

    It sounds to me like you want something more like Delicious Library, but on your AppleTV... which doesn't exist.
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    You should see if the Delicious Library organization software would do this. I use it for my books and DVDs but I've never tried to export the listing graphically.
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    i actually think that gauchogolfer is on the right track-I would simply just put it into delicious library untill you get all the dvs ripped and such-that way you can keep track of what has been ripped, what has not, which ones are playing on Apple TV, ect.

    thats just me
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    I used Delicous Library to sort my collection. However, I could not drag the art work into ATV. I had to save all art as separate files. Then I just added them to Aperture. I now have all of the thumbnails on my Iphone and view the art work on ATV. I don't think that I will convert my movies just yet. I like to actually insert the disk into my blu-ray player and get the best quality.
    Where is my update. Thanks for all the help.

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