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movie rentals too expensive in the uk

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by richardmu, Oct 13, 2010.

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    the new apple tv is a nibby little box of tricks but the prices of movie rentals on itunes in the uk means i only rent infrequently. 3.49 for sd and 4.49 for hd is too much!

    i use lovefilm rentals mainly. a one off subscription works much better. i don' t often get my first choice but it is a lot cheaper.

    apple needs to sort out some sort of subscription service to make this work.

    any rumours to that effect?
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    Many thanks for that. Good news indeed.
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    And if netflix doesn't come to the apple tv in the uk maybe LoveFilm will. They have just made a deal with Sony for ps3 streaming. Maybe apple next?
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    No way im paying almost a fiver some something that isn't even full HD. Ruins the impulse rent option for me. If it was 2.50 for SD and 3.50 for 720p then i might get one.
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    If you think that's too expensive, you should try a trip to the cinema :)
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    Open a US iTunes account: I live at an address of Walmart Miami & buy $ Vouchers from eBay=newer films cheaper.
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    I do when a films worth watching. £5.75 at my local :D
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    I, too, was pretty shocked at the rental prices. But the UI in nice for browsing movies that you can then rent elsewhere.

    I'll probably rent one sooner or later, though. There's some good Anime at the £3ish mark.

    When/if Lovefilm or Netflix come to the AppleTV here, I'll be all over it like a rash. My problem with Lovefilm when I used to subscribe to it was that the DVDs I fancied watching were never the ones to turn up, and we never seemed to get 'round to watching them either.

    And when we did, they wouldn't damned well play!

    Rent & rip works okay... If I'm paying a subscription I should be able to watch anything in their catalogue, irrespective of whether or not they can post or steam it to me.
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    Similar prices / better quality / more choice - than renting from Virgin media. Live a little.
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    The Apple Site says you can rent movies in HD for £2.49?
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    That's an epic lie. We should sue!

    Although, movies which are a total sack of *****, or have been out for years, perhaps.

    Love Happens is a ****** film which is dated 2009 on IMDB, and doesn't even turn up in the search results on the AppleTV. So that image is pure ********.
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    I know, I posted a thread about it, apparently I was wrong and Apple can do no wrong ;) I sent feedback, got ignored. It's the same image as the US site, so yes, pathetic. And seen as it's splayed across the front page of their site, it attracts the sight of thousands of people a day. False Advertising.

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