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Movies in Recently Added

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bndoarn, Dec 27, 2008.

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    is there any way to disable movies from being added to the Recently Added playlist? i can't uncheck them because then they won't be on my :apple:TV.
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    Sorry... can you clarify this? You either want the movie or you don't. Why wouldn't you want a movie to show up in a recently added play list? Is it a gift?

    Anyway, you can delete the item from the list and still add it to another playlist later on. For that matter, you can delete the "recently added" playlist altogether.
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    Yeah the simplest route is just to edit the Recently Added Smart Playlist and add something like "Kind does not contain video", but that would also exclude Music Videos.

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    i want the movie but i don't want it in the Recently Added playlist because when i sync my iPod it will add the movie audio to my iPod in the playlist but i don't want it there. sorry for the confusion and thanks for the solution.
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    Ok. That makes sense.

    What you want to do is go to the movie tab when you connect your ipod and only check playlists you want to synch. For my touch I have created a playlist called movies2synch. I make sure I only have the movies I want to take with me in that list, or none at all. It's really about managing your lists.

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