Moving digital copy films from PC to Mac?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Epoch KW, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Epoch KW, Dec 12, 2011
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    Hi all,

    I have an old PC (XP machine) running itunes at home currently and i have today installed a digital copy of the film UP (came as a triple pack Blueray) onto the machine. Video play is very slow so i'm assuming the machines days are numbered (especially with an ATV2 unit coming from my parents for Xmas)

    My plan is to replace it with a iMac in the future, can I copy or import the digital copy film onto the iMac from the PC (like i'm assuming music will) or will it not work? I read it says i can only activate it once so can it be moved?

    cheers Jon
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    Nope. Sorry.
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    iTunes Digital Copy files are subject to the same DRM as standard iTunes DRM media. You can sync to unlimited iPods/iPhones and up to 5 computers.

    So as long as your iMac is authorized to the same account that your PC is, you'll be fine. Just copy/import the file over to the iMac and authorize iTunes.

    The bit about one activation is during the initial activation of the digital copy. You only get one shot at that and it's either iTunes or WMP, not both.

    Recap - iTunes digital copy; unlimited iOS devices, 5 PC/Macs.
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    if you downloaded the iTunes digital copy then just copy the file over to the iMac and add it to itunes using File>Add File, you will have to activate the iMac with the apple ID you downloaded the film on.
    you can also copy apps, tv shows and music the same way. (if you follow the same file structure as on the XP PC then it will work out better)

    also if you are getting rid/not using your XP machine remember to deactivate itunes on that, that way you don't waste one of your five activations.

    also with those bluray digital copies make sure you back them up (external HDD) if your computer broke you would loose it forever if you don't have a copy.
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    Many thanks for the above posts, gives me faith to load the other triple play copies of films I have ready for the arrival of my ATV2 (unless i can sqeeze the budget for an iMac before xmas).

    Thanks for the back up reminder, I do have the machine connected to a back up drive (plus an extra back up done about once a month :)
  6. Epoch KW, Dec 14, 2011
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    HHHmm, whilst loading a few more digital copies (triple play discs) last night I had the disapointing discovery that the XP machine can't play or even buy movies in HD from iTunes (although I think this HD is only 720p anyway) means it's now on the "soon to be extinct" list and the iMac has moved up a level of need!
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    I'm surprised that it can't buy the HD movies. There's no reason that Apple should limit the purchase of HD movies based on the specs of the machine. There are plenty of devices that can tap into that computer that can play HD movies (e.g. aTV2, iPad, etc).

    Do you have the latest version of iTunes on your PC? iTunes 10.5 still supports XP. I see the specs for HD playback requires at least a Core2Duo.

    Very strange that Apple would prevent purchase of HD movies on older computers.

    NOTE - I do know that an older PC (2.2 ghz Pentium 4 laptop) can be loaded with HD files (up to 1080p) and can serve them up to iOS devices over the network. The PC itself chokes when you try to play the file, but it can push it onto the network just fine.
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    The plot thickens

    If i look at buying an HD movie on an iphone 4 (the wife's and same apple ID) it says that the HD version will download to the phone and an SD version will download to the computer!

    It must simply know what computers are logged to what account - clever

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