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Mozilla Prepping Release of 'Firefox Home' Browser Syncing App

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 27, 2010.

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    Mozilla yesterday announced that it is preparing to launch an iPhone application called "Firefox Home" that will offer users the ability to sync their Firefox browsing history, bookmarks, and tabs from their most recent browser session on other platforms. The application also provides "Awesome Bar" compatibility, allowing users to access favorite websites with a minimum of typing.
    Rather than a standalone browser, content from Firefox Home will launch in an integrated WebKit-based viewer.

    Mozilla is continuing to put the finishing touches on Firefox Home, but has released a brief video showing a test version in action. There is no word on when Mozilla is planning to submit the application to Apple for approval.

    Article Link: Mozilla Prepping Release of 'Firefox Home' Browser Syncing App
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    Whats that game pad. That's what I am more interested in.
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    Could they make it more spartan?

    Gee, I was wondering if they could make that user interface a bit more spartan. It seems there are way too much eye candy going on for my taste. Maybe a bit less color -- both black and white seem a bit much. Can't we use just one color? ;)
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    It's a case or a sticker, there are hundreds of them at little shops in the malls here on the East Coast and online. A friend of mine has one and people always do a double take.
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    Seems pointless. :rolleyes:
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    Then there's no time to waste then. Is there?

    [jumps out window into water] SPLASHHHH
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    I think I'll wait for full Firefox for iPhone ;)
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    AWESOMENESS !!!!!!!! You can do SO MUCH more with Firefox than any other browser!!! It is SO MUCH better than other browsers!!!

    For example, the search box to search for words on a page. The quicker load times and more clear resolution of web pages. The add-ons that you can install onto the browser. And, the way the tabs work is such a better implementation that Internot Exploder from microshaft and safarslow, the worst product Apple has ever made.
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    [duplicate post - please remove]
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    I like the idea of it doing part of what mobileme does, for free. That's my favorite feature in mobile me (actually, about the only thing in it that I use...) I'm ready to dump the $99 a year in favor of something free... too bad its tied to firefox.
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    ...so how do these 'game pads' work?
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    Yes, absolutely.......right ..........i agree with u. Just the quality of this Firefox browser makes it special than any other browser ..........
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    In the OP it states it’s not an actual browser, but just a app to sync up your favorites and things like that. How come we are stuck using Safari on our iPhones? Does Job's have something against other web browsers? I would much rather you FF as my browser.
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    Opera is available for the iphone, and you can even replace Safari in the bottom bar with it.
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    One of the claims of the Apple iPhone Development program is that any written applications must not have their own interpreters, i.e., such as Javascript. Thus is the reason we are not allowed to see browsers on the market. In such a case, we do indeed have seen Opera Mini, pass the test due in part to the fact that they do rendering on the server side. Unfortunately we wont be seeing Firefox on the app market due in part to tight Apple regulations and stiff policies.
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    Seriously guys this sorta-browser ... IT'S GONNA BE WIN OMG :D:D:D

    I know! Let's GET HAMMERD AND USE FIREFIXF yayyyyy
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    Same here.......
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    Thanks for answering my question about what this app really is.
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    This would be "awesome"
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    Good work Mozilla peeps. Firefox is great for the desktop (except running flash video on the mac) and this will keep making it relevant. Plus I don't trust anyone else to sync my favourites.

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