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mp3 192kbps or AAC 128kbps?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Shacklebolt, Jan 16, 2007.

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    I'm sure this has been argued and argued about many times, but I haven't been around for it, and I'd like to know now.

    Anyone have a preference/notice a difference?

    (I mean in terms of sound quality)
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    well mine is AAC at 192kbps :D
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    192kbs is better than 128kbs. AAC results in a much smaller file size than MP3

    Thus a 192kbs MP3 will be a larger file size that the same song at 192kbs AAC, the quality of both files will be the same.
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    Oh my god, no! 192Kbps (Kilo bit per second) means the song takes 192 Kilobit or 24 Kilobyte per second, no matter what encryption is used. The point of AAC is that it has better quality than MP3 at the same bitrate, or alternatively that you can use AAC at a lower bitrate with the same quality as MP3 at a higher bitrate.

    192Kbps MP3 is about the same quality as 128Kbps AAC at 50% larger size. 192Kbps AAC has much higher quality than 192Kbps MP3 at exactly the same size. So the correct answer is:

    "Thus a 192Kbps MP3 will be a larger file size that the same song at 128Kbps AAC, the quality of both files will be about the same. MP3 plays on any player, AAC plays on your computer and on an iPod until more manufacturers pull their fingers out and implement AAC."
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    Oops, yeah, kind of got that backwards, I did know that, not sure why I got it the other way around. Kbps should really be a giveaway. I feel stupid now. Gonna blame it on the fact that it is 6:45am and I haven't yet been to bed.
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    I prefer mp3 192. It just sounds better to me is all. Nothing technical to speak of.

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