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MP3 Player - (NO iTunes Sync + Lyrics Display) for iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by touchmob, Jan 5, 2012.

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    MP3 Player allows you to easily manage mp3 music files in iOS devices , with file name, NO need iTunes sync , and display the lyrics. both for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.
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    v1.2 added:
    -Headset control support.
    -Support unzipping the archive(.zip) of audio files and folders.In this way, you can origanize all your audio files and folders your computer in advance , package them into a zip package, then transfer the package to MP3 Player via WIFI Sharing or iTunes File Sharing, after that , you can extract the zip package in the app, the files directory will be exactly same as on your computer.
    -Scroll lyrics to adjust the progress of audio playing.
    -Apple's Document Interchange support.you can open .mp3 files or .zip files from another application,such as Mail (attachment).

    v1.1 added:
    -Create Music Folder , File Manager (delete/cut/copy)
    -Add a new Play Mode( AUTO-STOP at the end of the song)
    -Sort MP3 file list by Name, Size,Date,Type
    -Resume playback from the last time stop playing

    -Supports lyrics display, you will put lyrics file (lrc at the end), give the same name with mp3 file, into the app, you can achieve this functionality. .
    - Supports all language encodings of id3 tags
    - No need of iTunes sync
    - File transter via WiFi. Simultaneous transfer of multiple files
    - File transfer via USB
    - "Delete Files" function supported in remote control
    - Direct (manual) management of files
    - Supports id3 tags
    - Supports Multitasking

    Tip: If you have added the lyrics file, but not display properly, please check whether your LRC file encoding is utf-8 format. . If not, use Notepad (PC), TextMate (Mac) to open the lyrics file, choose menu item File - Save As, attention to the bottom of dialog, select utf-8 File Encoding ... Save, Replace. .
    If you have a lot of lrc files , you can find a file encoding convert software for batch processing multiple files .

    Finally . If it is still not displayed, sorry for that, Could you send us the file , we will identify the problem as soon as possible to resolve. .

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