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Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by sunad4, Mar 4, 2004.

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    I'm pretty new at this downloading thing. I just got a new ibook G4 and I'm very excited about it. I have an mp3 player which I got as a gift. Now that I finally have itunes which is compatable with the mp3 player, I can't seem to get any mp3s. I have a lot of music from cd's that I've downloaded which I would like to play on my mp3 player. If anyone can help solve my problem I would greatly appreciate it. Or if anyone can give me info on how to get legal mp3 downloads that would be great also. Thanks a bunch.
    :) The new girl
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    What mp3 player do you have? If you want to put your cds on it, you need to import them to iTunes as mp3s. Go to Preferences in iTunes and choose Importing. Select MP3 Encoder from the list. Then you need to put all of your cds onto your iBook. Then you can put them on the player.

    As for legal downloads, there aren't any that sell mp3. iTunes sells AAC, which works with the iPod. Everyone else sells WMA. Of course you could always go illegal and try p2p apps. Here is a p2p guide. (link). Good luck.
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    Well, you have iTunes and an internet connection.. those are both good first steps. In iTunes, there's a button in your playlist list for the iTunes Music Store. If you click that you can shop for legal mp3s (only 99cents!) or whole albums for like $10.

    As duke said, importing cds into iTunes is an option also.

    To do this you'll need to set your iTunes to import songs off the cd as an mp3. To do this go to iTunes preference panel and set importing to MP3 Encoder. Generally 160kbps is good enough.

    Then all you have to do is put the cd in your computer and hit the "import" button. It'll take a little while but when its done the songs will be in your library and you can drag them onto your mp3 player... piece of cake!

    If you have any questions don't be affraid to ask, Welcome to MacRumors!
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    Thanks, you've been a big help!! :D
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    Is there an echo in here?
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    Now I'm really curious. What kind of player do you have???
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    I simply felt the need to expand on what you had said. A step-by-step process might be more helpful to a newbie... I apologize for trying to be helpful, in the future I'll pm you first. :rolleyes:
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    I have an mp10 by DMK. with your help i've imported lots of my fave cd's onto it, thanks!
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    I was just kidding. Your advice was almost identical to mine.
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    While on the mp3 player subject I am thinking of buying an iPod mini, in your opinion would it be better if I just bought a 15GB normal iPod instead :confused:
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    The two ipods compete for different markets. To decide which one to buy, you should first recognize your needs and wants... How much music do you have? What are you going to do with an ipod? Where will you take it? Etc..

    I, for example, am going to use my ipod-mini to run with... I would not recommend doing that with the normal ipod. I don't have a lot of music and 4gb fits my needs very well. Hope this helps.

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